[Pga_europe_process] another report from the process meetings

ni co lu nicolu at chutelibre.org
Sat Aug 28 02:35:06 CEST 2004

here is another report from one of the first pga process meetings that
happened during the week

Report from sunday PGA process meetings :

there are PGA process meetings happening everyday to discuss pga structures
and political strategies. Concrete proposals will be made and decided at the
final spokes council on thursday morning.
Since it started for groups are meeting at the same time and everyone of
them has chosen three main issues they wanted to talk about. In the third
group, these issues are : visibility of the network and it's tools and
structures, relationship to social forums and syndicalists movements, "do we
see pga only  as a  networking tool or as an organisation that can initiate
actions and campaigns ?".

We decided to start with the "pga network and/or action" debate as we
thought it was a fondamental issue to define what we were expecting of the
As a networking tool in itself, pga is precious as it gives a quiet time,
outside stressfull international action events, to think and exchange about
various political strategies and cultures.
In the past, pga network has inititated, through call made by convenors,
various global days of actions labelled as pga. Whereas in leiden, decisions
were only made about the structures of the network and there was no attempts
to collectively find a consensus  about any actions.
Still leiden conference ended up into concrete action and campaigns
projects, just by the fact that people meet face to face, get linked with
each other and have the possibility to debate about common actions or
coordinated campaigns  with people that they usually hardly meet. 
In favour of deciding about pga labelled actions and campaigns, it was
argued that a network takes sense and consistency if it initiates concrete
actions in-between conference and that most people have  heard about pga
through  intercontinental caravan, global days of actions or counter
summits. It looked that people were more and more attracted towards social
forums partly as they were linked to some kind of actions whatever these
passive mass-demo might be.
On the other hand , it was also said that lots of people are initiating
actions and campaingns and that it can be really difficult to choose and
find a consensus on wich one should be or not be labeled as pga and
organized by the network.
One idea was to push more actions preparation workshops during pga
conferences and that people can always  choose to make these actions or
campaigns visible as "inspired by pga principles" without the need to have a
pga collective decision making  process on it.
Another proposal for the next conferences would be be to mix debates and
workshops with actions.
But various experiences from no border camps showed that it wasn't a good
idea to mix debates and actions at the same time. Therefore it might be
possible to have conferences with, as an example, 5 days of debates and 4
days of actions. It would mean that people could do both or choose. These
actions would then give direct input to local struggles and  make people
more used  to do concrete things and get confident with each other by the
fact of doing  actions together...
Some first thoughts were also given about organizing a next global pga
conference in nepal called by the asian pga., and also to decide about a
next global day of decentralised actions during the next G8 summit in
   We didn't have enough time to go further but hopefully more ideas and
inputs will come out of today's group meetings. Join the process !

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