[Pga_europe_process] report of the proposals for the pga structures

ni co lu nicolu at chutelibre.org
Sat Aug 28 02:33:05 CEST 2004

It is a report of the proposals made by one of the process groups working on
pga structures for the final spoke's council

PGA structures proposals and comments :
(P) is for when people are needed, (D) is for when a decision has to be taken.

Proposals :

Convenors and conference :
(P) (D) - we need a new convenor, but as we know that people need to think
about it and discuss  it with their group, we're going to organize a winter
meeting to decide upon  it. Except if any collective already propose
themselves during this meeting...  
(D) - frequency of the conferences should be kept flexible and they don't
have to happen every year. If the pga global conference is confirmed for
2005, there will be a european  preparation process for it, therefore the
next conference  in europe would only happen  in 2006.  
(D) - the next pga conference in europe will be organized through  a process
of open preparation meetings, by  the next convenor and an open
international preparation group. 
suggestion to have the next pga conference another time in an east european
country to build on a wider european networking and more involvments of
groups from the east.
(D) proposal to have sub-regional pga conference in-between conferences in
(D) pga conference are meant to be for meetings, discussion, actions and
campaigns preparations, and therefore no actions will be organized by the
preparation group. But we encourage actions in the region and locally to
coincide with the conference.
Even if it didn't work perfectly, there have been a lot of efforts put into
trying to make the organizationnal process of this conference open and
participative (open coordination meeting, practical guide, morning
announcments, working group meetings...), but new tools should be introduced
to emphasize it more. 
(D) As an example, daily pga process skill-sharing should be organized
during the next conference in order to improve the understanding and
participation of people in the proces discussions.

(P) (D) Winter meeting :
a pga winter meeting will be organized in order to :
a) evaluate the belgrade conference
b) decide about the next convenor for the european meeting
c) to start off the preparation process for the possible pga global
conference in 2005
d) to have a pga structure and process skill-sharing on the first day of the
meeting with the possible next convenors and people interested to take part
in the process group.
e) to officialy give a start for the preparation process of the next pga
conference in europe  in 2006
f) to work on pga process and structures

Continuity and skill-sharing :
(P)  - there was the proposal to organize some pga-process skill-sharing
seminars and to write a "pga organization practical guide". People needed.
Contact : synergesis at yahoo.de, zapata at sezampro.yu

Bulletin :
(P) - there was a proposal of restarting a "bulletin inspired by  pga" with
reports of actions and movements linked with pga, debates, and pga process
reports. People needed. Contact : synergesis at yahoo.de

Infopoint :
-(P) (D) An infopoint or group/individuals in connection with the web team
should take the task of updating the list of infopoint adresses, give a
contact to the new infoponts to appear on this list, and create a webspace
with information about infopoints and available information tools for
infopoints. This should be available on both webpages : agp.org and
pgaconference.org. People needed. Contact :
if you already know you want to join the infopoint list, put your contact
and name of the collective on the piece of paper that will be passed around
during this meeting.
as an alternative to too much email only communication, infopoints should
try to provide printed pga materials.
(P) (D) As  many people don't have time to read all process list emails and
meeting repports, there was the proposal to do a monthly digest of the pga
process list and of pga meeting reports. This project could be joined with
the bulletin project, but it still has to be discussed. People needed.
contact : nicolu at no-log.org

Process group and transparency :
The process group represents the individuals and infopoints working on pga
process and structures.
(D) in order to improve the transparency, there should be a webpage with
"who's doing  what" in the pga process and structures  and their contacts.

European pga list :
(D) proposition to keep the three lists running :process (organisation and
structures) / discussions (theoritical debates and content) / resistance
(actions and campaingn announcements and reports.
(P) we have to check on the moderators.

Belgrade conference reader :
(P) It would be nice if a group of people takes the tasks to compile reports
and projects coming out of this conference and layout it to be printed. 

Webpages :
(P) Both agp.org (global pga website) and pgaconference (conference in
europe website) desperately need people to join the teams. contact :
friday at nadir.org
there should be more direct linking and exchange of information between both
sites and other related sites like all-4-all site.
(P) hacklabs and sharing of equipment for the next global conferences should
be organized. contact : friday at nadir.org 


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