[Pga_europe_process] report from the PGAe conference in belgrade

raoule raoule at no-log.org
Wed Sep 15 12:44:36 CEST 2004


ok, i'm gonna try to summerize everything about the report we're supposed to make about the
conference in belgrade.

as i understood, we are supposed to put together a report from this conference, which means the
reports from discussions and workshops, and maybe the reports from the decisions that have been made
during the final spokes council about the whole PGAeurope process.

when i write "we", it is : olivier, Emma, James, Rosa, elsa, Vincent, Sjur, 
Frano, Andrej, (and harriet for the plenary notes (alreday done)).(olivier has the
list of contacts)

olivier, did you get my two e-mails about this? did you get any news from any of these persons? if
these persons are on this list : do you still want to participate? shall we create a special list
only for this? 

There was the idea from some people about putting together also some analysis and personnal
feelings/ feedbacks from the conference. I think it's a great idea, but NOT FOR THIS REPORT.
As far as i understood, this report is a report from the workshops and decisions collectively taken.
If ever we decide to add some personnal feedbacks, who can choose which texts we will put inside?
it will be a mess, and i have the feeling that it will go against what was said at the final spokes
council. And it will be much more work!

to be more precise, i found this into the final spokes council minutes : 
"8. Belgrade Conference Reader
- Proposal : There should be a conference reader comprising texts and minutes from this conference.
- There has to be a written record of what has happened at this conference.
OUTCOME: Group of people volunteered to compile a conference reader.
Contact for creating a conference reader from PGAe Belgrade: elviejo at greenmail.ch and
emma_d at lineone.net
- Request Call out for people to send articles/experiences/minutes etc. from the conference to the
above contacts for the conference reader.

So i don't know if we understand it the same way...
Anyway if you really want to make a report including personnal analysises of the conference,
personnal feedbacks and experiences... i won't be part of it because i didn't volunteer for this
kind of work. I think it should be two separated things. 
(but if anyone is interested, we (=sans-titre and friends) already have 3 interesting and different
personnal feedbacks from the conference... in french!)

But if this report remains what it was supposed to be (or what i unbderstood it was supposed to be)
from the beginning (reports from workshops and discussions and maybe from the decisions), i'm ready
to start working NOW. (we've been waiting quite a long time) 

For the moment we have received only a few reports from the workshops/ discussions : 
-discussions about the critics of industrial society (3 reports)
-"terror" and "human rights" as bourgeois concepts
-anti media or indy media?

(maybe i missed some, due to technical problems)

i don't know if there are some more reports... i hope there will be!

I think we could also put together in a clear text all the proposals and decisions taken at the
final spokes
council. As olivier said, we need the proposals. Who has them?  

Translations : 
I think we'll get most of the texts in english. 
I will try to organize a translation into french. It would be great if some people helped for some
other translations.

ok, i'm waiting for some news


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