[Pga_europe_process] Wintermeeting in Austria

Serge Prive jespe017 at planet.nl
Thu Sep 23 22:04:13 CEST 2004

>hello to all!
>as you all know: the wob_marley collective will be hosting the 
>wintermeeting of the pga.
>we have two suggestions for the date:
>13-16th of January 2005 OR
>27-30th of January 2005
>thursday would be the day to arrive so we have three days of talking then.

Hi PGA people,

1) We as Eurodusnie think it is the best to keep the Wintermeeting just 
before the anti-WEF actions in Davos and give the people who also want to 
go to the anti-WEF actions in Davos  the possibilty to travel direct to 
Davos. So people will need one day to travel.

2) I'm going to start to change the PGA conference.org site within a week 
and I can also put the inventation letter of the wintermeeting on the 
pgaconference.org site , when the date is known and the call is ready.


Serge v/d 7Penselen

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