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Hi there,

Please include our report on part of the Consensus Decision Making Workshop.
Perhaps someone else can report on the part of the meeting which we were
so unfortunately unable to attend.

Consensus Decision Making Workshop

We arrived at Jajinci in the morning for the general meeting but then
learnt that there was no general meeting that morning. We were already
aware that some people in the PGA process wanted to avoid such a process
of accountability.

Anyway we proceed to the gym for the workshop on Facilitation of Consensus
decision making. However when we arrived we were asked to leave. We pointed
out that it was customary for everyone to introduce themselves at the
beginning of the meeting, but this was refused as a small group insisted
that we should leave. We could not identify all of them, but we did recognise
Nico from Sans Titres and Olivier de Marcellus. There was also a gentleman
from Austria who refused to divulge his name.

We were told that there was a consensus that we should leave. However
we quickly responded that as we did not agree with this, clearly there
was no consensus. Then Olivier de Marcellus stated that we had been excluded.
The anonymous man from Austria backed him up on this. Again he did not
explain why. Nor did he explain how this decision had been reached. Clearly
it had not gone through a plenary and in no way had we been involved
in any process for expulsion or given an opportunity to reply to any
accusations. None of the methods involving dealing with conflict had
been gone through and no effort had been made to contact us concerning
any problems which people may have had with us.

Then Nico from Sans Titre started to physically man-handle one of us.
This was resisted with standard non-violent tactics. A friend from London
intervened and the physical assault was halted. Then the meeting was
relocated and we did not follow for fear of further violence.

So we are unable to report on the final part of the meeting.

Fabian Tompsett, Asim Butt,

West India Zapatista
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