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Sun Sep 26 18:09:59 CEST 2004

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Hi there,

Great to here you are coming to London.

We need financial help so that more people can come from Eastern Europe.
We hope that particioants from Western Europe will sponsor, one-for-one
delegates from Eastern Europe, particularly the CIS. We do not want another
repeat of the Belgrade fiasco where there more people present from one
building in London than the entire CIS

Also your participation will be particularly important for our meeting
at LARC on 15th October to discuss "Confronting Institutional Racism
in Peoples Global Action". W are worried that unless we have enough participation
from people from other countries, particularly the East, then our discussion
might not deal with the issue in as serious way as we would like. It
would be interesting to hear how you feel you might be able to contribute
to such a discussion???


We may be able to book LARC but the LAARC computer is not working properly
just now. So if you e-mail us, we may be able to sort it out.

West India Zapatista


On Sun, 26 Sep 2004 08:00:19 -0700 orianomada <orianomada at sindominio.net>
>Hello all,
>sounds good. I don't know yet if i personaly go, but people form
>YOMANGO are going.
>We will be Oct 14 in wombles autonomous space making a Yomango
>presantation. But the idea is to coordinate with others groups like
>wombles and diferents "groups" of Umsonts campagne from Germany,
>and to make some action together (obviously whit our differeents
>to understand appropiation).
>Maybe could be nice to meet us in this space ( here more info:
>http://www.wombles.org.uk/auto) and try to make some appropiation
>workshop all together.
>El 26/09/2004, a las 15:40, Friede99 at gmx.de escribió:
>> Dear folks,
>> I am thinking about going to London (ESF) ten days early, and
>> then trying (to help) to arrange a) a pga meeting, b) maybe 1,
>> workshops around Appropiation. I will have to check out though
>in which
>> autonomous space this would be possible. Among the Estaffete-people
>> and from
>> the german list I already got some positive reaction. What do
>> think?
>> take care
>> friede
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