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Sun Sep 26 21:23:09 CEST 2004

hi all

as andrej has said, there is going to be a parallel programme at the wsf
in porto alegre for groups who adhere to the pga hallmarks. i'll forward
the invitation to the intergalactika laboratory (what was called 'news
project' until some months ago) as soon as the english translation is

the idea is that everyone can use the project for fundraising to go to
porto alegre, and i think this is a good opportunity to link up with south
american groups and movements.

... therefore, i would propose thatwe keep the dates around the wsf free,
so that the people who want/can go don't miss on the european winter
meeting. i would support doing it in february.


> we have no problem if the meeting will take place from the 20-23rd of
> january or in february. either way...
> we just have to know soon.
> wob
>> 1) We as Eurodusnie think it is the best to keep the Wintermeeting just
>> before the anti-WEF actions in Davos and give the people who also want
>> to
>> go to the anti-WEF actions in Davos  the possibilty to travel direct to
>> Davos. So people will need one day to travel.
>> 2) I'm going to start to change the PGA conference.org site within a
>> week
>> and I can also put the inventation letter of the wintermeeting on the
>> pgaconference.org site , when the date is known and the call is ready.
>> Greetings
>> Serge v/d 7Penselen
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