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Mon Sep 27 18:58:12 CEST 2004

Subject: Samba Climatico Caravan - part II

The word is out. The idea is slowly taking root, spreading, sniffing around.

We are preparing to have a first meeting in London on Monday October 18,
just after ESF when people from PGA India are still in town. Now we hope and
need to know if people from Europe are interested in the Climatico Caravan
idea and to participate in this preparation meeting.

This meeting is a first get-together to get more concrete and realistic in
our plans and about the possibilities (political and technical), the
enthusiasm (who is going to pull this project off the ground) and the needs
(financial and anything else related...).

A space is booked preliminary - Let Us Know If You Are Interested

contact: aca at riseup.net
subscribe: climacaramba-subscribe at lists.riseup.net


Samba Climatico Caravan !! ClimaCaramba !!
NEXT RIDE - the next Global PGA Conference in Katmandu, Nepal, June 2005.

People's Global Action - Autonomous Global People
This network of anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist movements tries to
get together once in a while to exchange plans and experiences. Learning
from each other and consolidating our struggles is a valuable factor for
reaching our common goals. It's now three years since the last global PGA
conference took place in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Next year the waiting will be
over: PGA connected movements in India and Nepal are inviting the PGA
networks to the 4th Global PGA Conference, to be held in Katmandu in June
2005. It's timed to take place three months before the WTO summit and one
month before the G8 meeting. Time, to gather for united actions!

How Are We Morally Going To Get To Nepal?! (...think climate change...)
The answer is a multi-coloured explosion of political expression, a
caravan of climate concerns and campaigning, a musical melange dancing us
through the various cultures and countries reaching from Europe to Nepal.
No more flying, no more pass-bying. We get to Nepal by land. We want to
stop at as many places as possible and share and dare our political
beliefs. We want to grow and overflow by people joining along the route.
We believe that surely, there is no other way to get to Nepal than with
the Samba Climatico! Caravan.

The ClimaCaramba Train
There is no decided route yet for how to get there, but we want to go by
train as far as possible. Yes, we want to load lots of people converging
from all over Europe on a rolling caravan of activism! But not only for a
joyful ride to Nepal, it would be a waste of creativity that could go
into preparing and performing actions and debates along the way - join
in with local struggles and bring a bit of street cinema and social drama
(street theater). On the train, we could have interactive workshops and
debates with other passengers, maybe a subversive train cinema! Dreaming is
always possible! But we want more than just dreaming. We want this to happen
and have already started to mobilise and think of ways to make this idea
come true. There isn't that much time - we're leaving mid April 2005.

For details or to let yourself be known and get involved
- contact <aca at riseup.net>

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