[Pga_europe_process] what happened with the reports?

Diañu Burlon dianhuburlon at gmx.net
Fri Oct 1 17:05:14 CEST 2004

HI everyone,

I am trying to find out the reports from the European confernce, but I can 
not find them. Specially I urgently need the notes on the Global 
conference, in the way I can send it to the Asian list, in the way we can 
start to work. Also i need to send it to the Latin American list and Latin 
American organizations.
So, please, could you tell me what happened with the reports? I understood 
that a team was created in the last plenary to compile the decisions and 
make the reports.
Maybe you have already send it to this list, and I haven't received. If 
this is the case, please, could you send it to me again as soon as possible.


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>Just to echo the Yomango presentation in Belgrade, news from friends in 
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>Subject:        [pga] [ocap] More on the Food Grab Action and Photos of 
>the Haul
>Date:   Thu, 30 Sep 2004 17:11:16 -0700
>From:   miked at riseup.net
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>In this Wednesday's food grab from a high-end grocery store, members of
>the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty walked away with $3525.00 worth of
>food and tolietries.
>The haul of goods included chicken, beef roasts, racks of ribs, rice,
>coffee, bricks of cheese, diapers, shampoo and other necessities that
>people in this province simply cannot afford.  As one of the OCAP crew
>noted, "I’ve never shopped like this before in my life - instead of
>searching for the cheapest items, I could go for the expensive quality
>stuff." [Photos are available at www.ocap.ca/ocapnews/foodgrabphotos.html]
>OCAP members were able to walk easily away from the grocery store, food in
>hand. The food was then distributed to people living in the city’s
>downtown east end yesterday evening.
>It is worth noting that while people go hungry, grocery baron Galen Weston
>is the second richest person in all of Canada.  In fact, the Weston family
>is the 43rd richest in the entire world.  Most remarkable is the fact
>that the Westons control 50% of the food distribution market in Ontario.
>It was one of the Weston's many supermarkets that was targeted yesterday.
>It is not enough just to say that the current rate of welfare and
>disability payments makes it impossible to pay rent and put decent,
>healthy food on the table for the entire month.  It is not enough just to
>talk about the dire need for a 40% increase to social assistance rates, to
>reflect the actual cost of living in Ontario.  Saturday, October 2nd marks
>the one-year anniversary of the Liberal Government coming to power ­ we
>have ended this year of inaction and insult by actually taking back some
>of what people living in poverty in Ontario have long been owed.
>So, it is to the Liberal government in office that we will send the bill -
>both for the food we took, and for that which is owed to people trying to
>survive on welfare and disability incomes.
>Come out for a free meal and to present the bill:
>Tuesday October 5th
>12:00 noon
>Allan Gardens
>(corner of Carlton and Sherbourne)
>Also on the Raise the Rates...
>On September 28th, 20 people showed up to John Milloy's office to shut it
>down and let him know that the Liberal's agenda of robbing the poor to pay
>for the lifestyles of the rich would not go on unopposed.  When we arrived
>to implement our agenda and demand that the Liberal government raise
>Welfare, ODSP and the Minimum Wage we found the doors to the office locked
>and office workers sneaking out the back. For the rest of the day the
>Liberal office was closed due to the fact that the Liberals are too
>ashamed to deal with the people that they are supposed to represent...
>See www.ocap.ca/kw/milloy.html to read more.
>Look out for more Raise the Rates actions across Ontario over the next few
>days by members of Ontario Common Front organizations and the Ontario
>Needs a Raise Campaign.
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>416-925-6939  ocap at tao.ca www.ocap.ca
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