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(I am sending this to the process list as the discussion list won't 
accept anything from me!)

This is definitely going to be the year of a radical counter-attack at 
the ESF. The "horizontal" space  organised outside is really going to be 
full of strong, significant initiatives:

Rising Tide demo and assembly, First Assembly of the Precariat in 
Europe, the Dissent network  organising the next G8 (while the ESF heads 
in their green room will still be concocting a "call" for the end of 
ESF...), Indymedia present in force, an Estafette meeting, another on 
the nutty idea of going to Nepal PGA in a caravan.... and a whole 
process of plenaries and discussions on Commons, communities and 
alternatives to capitalism struggling within it today, called Life 
Despite Capitalism.

Below is the program for **Life Despite Capitalism** (a discussion that 
we wanted to have already in  Belgrade, but which we didn't finally have 
time for. ) The workshops on workplaces and the one confronting 
*indigenous experiences and visions / autonomous  initiatives in the 
North should be particularly interesting.* The website will only be 
working in a few days, but many of the texts are already on 

Attached is this program in français, espagnol y  italiano and a longer 
description in english.
See you soon, I hope!



**Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 October.
London School of Economics.

Old Building (first plenary) and Clement House (workshops and final 
plenary). Aldwych.
(Holborn tube, central line)

For more detailed information, see http://www.lifedespitecapitalism.org 
(in few days!) <http://www.lifedespitecapitalism.org/>

Life Despite Capitalism is a project/forum to approach the question of 
alternatives to capitalism in the here and now not "after capitalism" 
has been abolished. This means a capacity to do and relate to each 
other, in ways rooted in dignity, respect and common access to resources.

Confirmed speakers and participants include:

<>Jake Black, Reverend D. Wayne Love AKA, George Caffentzis, Mariarosa 
Dalla Costa, Massimo De Angelis Olivier De Marcellus, Ana Dinnerstein, 
Viviane Gonik, David Graeber, Andrej Grubacic, John Holloway, John 
Jordan, JJ King, Nolasco Mamani, Sandro Mezzadra, Mercedes Moya, Jai 
Sen, Steven Shukaitis, Matthias Studer, Gavin Sullivan, Peter Waterman, 
from groups and networks such as Leeds May Day group, Globalisation from 
Below, Alabama 3, Mute magazine, Greenpepper magazine, Proceso de 
Communidades Negras (Colombia), Transform-Italy, Tavolo-migranti, The 
Commoner, Global Roots, Peoples's Global Action, Consejo Indio de Sud 
America (CISA),  Indymedia, Action populaire contre la mondialisation, 
COBAS, Centre for the Study of Global Ethics  . . .and many others . .  .


SATURDAY 16 October 2004

9:30 - 12:30 Initial PLENARY: Talks on power, commons, excesses, 
participatory democracy and networks and presentation of workshops (Old 
Building/Old theatre,  Houghton street).

12:30-14:00 Lunch

14:00-16:00 "Roots" (Clement House): in these six workshops we will 
discuss the various experiences of commons, of reclaiming powers and 
constituting communities: <> ·         Virtual Commons (Room D106): gift 
and free software, communication, enclosure of freeware.

·         "Public Services" as commons (Room D109): experiences and 
visions in transport, education, health.

·         Food as commons (Room D111): reclaiming the food we eat, 
agriculture, and fishery.

·         Workplace commons (Room D206): struggles of precarious 
workers, creative work, labour internationalism and solidarity.

·         Free movement as commons (Room D209): migrants as political 
subjects, patterns of solidarity within and across communities.

·         Commons "outside" capitalism (Room D211): indigenous 
experiences and visions / autonomous  initiatives in the North.

16:30-18: 30 "Swarm" (Clement House): Five workshops recombining 
participants, cross pollinating along themes of "powers" (Room D109), 
"commons" (Room D111), "networks, (Room D206), "democracies" (Room D209) 
and "creative excesses" (Room D211).

SUNDAY 17 October 2004

9:30 -12:30 Final PLENARY (Hong Kong theatre) Reports back from 
workshops by both invited speakers and participants and proposals for 
future initiatives.



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