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majda supermajda at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 6 15:00:03 CEST 2004

Thanks very much for your caring about us. 
We are very glad to hear that you are interested about our problems. 

- OUR tragedy and our fight give us one hundred and fifty strikers without job and any salary ( for now ). 
- We hope and we knew that “ The new director “ will give another notices next days. So we sure that our factory will stay without our strikers. 
- We say OUR factory because we have legal joint awnership and you know that very well. 
- From one side we are very good and professional workers and from another side we have our human pride and honesty. 
- “ New director “ with his team do not afmitted ua as a legal joint ownership. 
- As the worst in this situation are that our state and government sapported this team and their unlegal works. 
- Situation is difficult. 
- As you will help ua you will have time to see and learn a lot from us, to see and learn how some people can break elementary human rights, almost four months two hundred and sixty families have not any salary. 
- Unfortunately, we must asking you for help. 
- We are asking you and your organization to bring out our problemin the institutions of EU. 
- We hope that you will help us 
Kindest regards from strikes “ JUGOREMEDIJA “ 
akcionari at yahoo.com 

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