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Friede99 at gmx.de Friede99 at gmx.de
Thu Oct 7 16:02:42 CEST 2004

Hi everybody, 

unforeseen things happened and I am not yet in London. 

Additionally, it turned not only out to be impossible to find a time when it
doesn´t coincide with something where people might want to go to, but also
difficult to get spaces for meetings. 
There seemed to be only one possibility left: Friday afternoon at Wombels I
asked for 4h30 pm, but that is not for sure yet. If its that late, there is
a chance that the Rising Tide thing is over. 

This will be announced as a public workshoop: 

Peoples Global Action 

What are the next steps PGA is going to take? Let´s come together, everybody
who is interested in this question, three months after the last European
conference, and kick ass.

(I was only 20 words allowed...)

I already sent it because Wombels are going to print another 10.000 leaflets
additional to their already-made programme, and I didn´t want to miss this.
Hope that is fine with you. Of course we can have additional meetings. 

Just before, we will have a workshop on what is known as "Estafette": 

Free appropiation – Chain Refl-Action
Going beyond the Anti- and the Summit-, and creating a world wide chain of
refl-action on free appropiation. This action has been started to work on by
Peoples Global Action. 

Exact place and times I will send later. 

Some people might also meet during the Radical Theory Forum on Thursday, and
on Life After Capitalism on Saturday and Sunday. 

take care

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