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Nina skrati at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 14 22:08:44 CEST 2004


Reporting straight from London frontlines...
Concerning the dates-what happened to the dates we
talked about in Belgrade. If I remember it correctly
(still waiting for the official report) we talked
about the winter-meeting happening in November. I
mean, it might sound like I'm trying to be annoying or
something but the thing is that I'm not sure if we're
taking the global conference into account enough. 

We've just been discussing the coming Nepal conference
here and since that's supposed to be in June already,
maybe we should be focusing on that rather than the
coming WSF in January or Davos. Maybe we should also
rethink the role of the next European PGA convener in
relation to the global conference at the coming
winter-meeting. In any case, I'm thinking that the
winter-meeting should happen as soon as possible and
it's not that much about the perfection in
organizational approaches, as it is about the need for
the meeting if PGA Europe is to play any sort of
constructive role in the preparation of the global
conference. Idealy, winter-meeting could happen when a
representative of PGA Asia is around, which would be
in the beginning of December. 

Another option would be that we have the
winter-meeting whenever and we have a separate PGA
Europe meeting concerning the global conference some
time in the beginning of December. 

And since I'm stirring things up a bit I hope there's
gonna be some feedback on this one, since the list
doesn't seem to be too active. 
Btw, tomorrow there's supposed to be some sort of a
PGA get-together overhere and there's gonna be the
Estafette meeting as well. 



--- wob marley <bohnensack at vegesack.com> wrote:

> hoi!
> we know that most of u people are very busy at the
> moment (the esf in london 
>  - greetings from here!!) but we need to fix a date
> for the wintermeeting 
> until next week so we can organize it!
> we were following the discussions and we come up
> with three dates now: 
> 20 - 23rd of january (which is the weekend before
> davos and wsf)
> 10 - 13th of february
> 17 - 20th of february 
> we should come to a decission until wednesday or
> thursday next week.
> the date we would prefer is the last one that is: 17
> - 20th of february 
> which leaves us enough time.
> btw: we left the weekend right AFTER davos and esf
> out cause we think that 
> people would be glad not to have a meeting right
> after this.
> maybe people could also discuss this in london.
> wob on
> wob_marley collective
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