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Hi Olivier,

Here's another contribution to the report. Hope you can make our meeting
about Challenging Institutional Racism in the PGA (7:00 pm at LARC).
If you see this as a problem, you could come along and help solve it.
If you don't think it is a problem, it would really be great to hear
how the issue got resolved in PGA Europe!

ta ta for now

Fabian and Asim

Discussions arising from the organising process, specifically gendertrouble
list (see Gender Discussion ) and the hierarchical seperation of the
cultural (to be held in Resnik) and political ( held in Jajinci) programmes
by the centralised Co-Ordination Group (who were, themselves stationed
at the Jajinci camp and refused to allow any funds to the Resnik programme
resulting in it being shut by Police through lack of insurance.)

Homophobia and Dancehall Music

We find ourselves enjoying music which has reactionary lyrics, such as
Oi music and Dancehall. Usually this music is made by or for young men
who feel excluded from mainstream society, but respond by attacking other
people who are even more marginalised than themselves. In Jamaica, things
are perhaps more intense than elsewhere, in that homophobia is pandemic

We found parallels between the Caribbean and the Serbian situation. Both
have a strong Orthodox Christian culture embued with a sense of nationalist
redemption. The Orthodox (Serbian) massacres of Catholics (Croats) have
been very extensive, and most people are aware that they were a particularly
brutal part of civil war in Yugoslavia (along with other examples of
ethnic cleansing). There have been similar attacks in the Caribbean such
as the burning down of a Catholic church and murder of a nun following
a Capleton concert in St Lucia.

However we should not see Orthodox Christianity as the centre of the
problem though. Caribbean and Serbian society have also suffered from
slavery, indeed slaves were being sold in Belgrade after the British
had banned the slave trade in the British caribbean. One of the issue
raised about homosexuality in Jamaica is that rape was used a method
of breaking down the sense of self of enslaved African men as well as

When we went on the electricians road block our Serbian friends told
us when the music was playing nationalist music and when it was playing
homophobic music.

The use of Celtic music by Serbian nationalists is an affiliation to
the Orthodox Church and a rejection of Catholic Church. Traditional Celtic
songs are plagiarised and the names of Irish places changed into Serbian

All the comrades in Resnik were aware of the problem and felt that producing
their own music as a form of propaganda through the Black Block Musical
Political Propaganda Machine is a way of directly engaging .

The problem is illustrated by the remark by a member of DSM! who is a
Reggae DJ on Belgrade Radio. He made a strict seperation betyween Ragga
which he saw as unnacceptable and 'Roots' or Rastafarian Reggae which
he saw as emancepatory.
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