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Javi arrested. We need contacted with formal organizers of the forum

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> Hi Olivier,
> Here's another contribution to the report. Hope you can make our meeting
> about Challenging Institutional Racism in the PGA (7:00 pm at LARC).
> If you see this as a problem, you could come along and help solve it.
> If you don't think it is a problem, it would really be great to hear
> how the issue got resolved in PGA Europe!
> ta ta for now
> Fabian and Asim
> Discussions arising from the organising process, specifically
> gendertrouble
> list (see Gender Discussion ) and the hierarchical seperation of the
> cultural (to be held in Resnik) and political ( held in Jajinci)
> programmes
> by the centralised Co-Ordination Group (who were, themselves stationed
> at the Jajinci camp and refused to allow any funds to the Resnik programme
> resulting in it being shut by Police through lack of insurance.)
> Homophobia and Dancehall Music
> We find ourselves enjoying music which has reactionary lyrics, such as
> Oi music and Dancehall. Usually this music is made by or for young men
> who feel excluded from mainstream society, but respond by attacking other
> people who are even more marginalised than themselves. In Jamaica, things
> are perhaps more intense than elsewhere, in that homophobia is pandemic
> there.
> We found parallels between the Caribbean and the Serbian situation. Both
> have a strong Orthodox Christian culture embued with a sense of
> nationalist
> redemption. The Orthodox (Serbian) massacres of Catholics (Croats) have
> been very extensive, and most people are aware that they were a
> particularly
> brutal part of civil war in Yugoslavia (along with other examples of
> ethnic cleansing). There have been similar attacks in the Caribbean such
> as the burning down of a Catholic church and murder of a nun following
> a Capleton concert in St Lucia.
> However we should not see Orthodox Christianity as the centre of the
> problem though. Caribbean and Serbian society have also suffered from
> slavery, indeed slaves were being sold in Belgrade after the British
> had banned the slave trade in the British caribbean. One of the issue
> raised about homosexuality in Jamaica is that rape was used a method
> of breaking down the sense of self of enslaved African men as well as
> women.
> When we went on the electricians road block our Serbian friends told
> us when the music was playing nationalist music and when it was playing
> homophobic music.
> The use of Celtic music by Serbian nationalists is an affiliation to
> the Orthodox Church and a rejection of Catholic Church. Traditional Celtic
> songs are plagiarised and the names of Irish places changed into Serbian
> towns.
> All the comrades in Resnik were aware of the problem and felt that
> producing
> their own music as a form of propaganda through the Black Block Musical
> Political Propaganda Machine is a way of directly engaging .
> The problem is illustrated by the remark by a member of DSM! who is a
> Reggae DJ on Belgrade Radio. He made a strict seperation betyween Ragga
> which he saw as unnacceptable and 'Roots' or Rastafarian Reggae which
> he saw as emancepatory.
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