[Pga_europe_process] actions in UK embassys. Volunter from indymedia London arrested

"diañu Burlon" dianhuburlon at gmx.net
Sun Oct 17 19:35:26 CEST 2004


During the demonstration in London at Trafalgar square, one of the indymedia
volonters have been arrested in a violent assalt from the police. He was
also an organazers coordinator in the Social European Forum
Indymedia people are trying to update on the situation. You can check
indymedia uk

The facts happened when a group of people was negociating with the people
from the Social Forum to have a space to speak in the stage. As yesterday it
was a demostration inside of the Social Forum by more than 300 activist
denouncing the lack of transparency and exclusion of people (very 
herarquical and powerful way to organize from a political party and some
powerful NGOs, cost of the entrance to the social forum around 40 euros,
plus thousands of other similars things) the police was sourranding the
state to "protect" it and to avoid that it happens again. 
So it seems some people were negociating, and then a group of demostrators
were  pushing from  behind, the police assalt them in a very, very violent
way with some arrested people (I don't know in this moment how many. I will
try to update as soon as I got more information). 

Please, could you organize a urgent protest in front of the UK consulates,
even if is close (sunday). 

this is quite urgent. Also calls to formal organizers to the European forum,
who can call to police station and politicians to protest and so on, will be
more than welcome. 

please, distribute the information among collectives in your country and in

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