[Pga_europe_process] 3 in jail for columbus toppling, more might go too...

el renegado renegado at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Oct 21 02:47:29 CEST 2004

Dear friends

nice to see so many people over the ESF days in London- if only briefly..

we are still in the process here of recovering from and evaluating the
experience and there's quite a bit of tidying up to do in the aftermath
but thank you all for coming and contributing to a lively few days

Below is a message forwarded from Marcelo, who initially proposed the day of
action, for last Tuesday 12th of October, in solidarity with pachamerican
struggles. This day of action was supported by the groups at the PGA in
Europe spokescouncil in Belgrade.
In London sambistas supported demonstrations at the Mexican and American
embassies. I have heard there were also actions in Holland and other parts
of Europe the same day. However in Venezuela the movement was more daring in
expressing their resistance by pulling down a statue of Christopher Colombus
and as a result has suffered a greater repression

Below is a message forwarded from Marcelo, who initially proposed the PGA
statement endorsing the mobilisation for the 12th, asking for our urgent
help in the face of this repression

It is important to show the Venezuelan government that our support extends
to the whole Bolivarian movement, not just the leaders and public figures.
The time has come to put Chávez' message of "revolution within the
revolution" to the test. Thursday (21) day of action in support of O12
prisoners. Please put pressure on the Venezuelan representatives in your
countries or neighbouring countries

in love and solidarity

greg xxx

To: RoR <info at rhythmsofresistance.co.uk>
Subject: [ror-blah] Fwd: [europachamerica] 3 in jail for columbus toppling,
more might go too...

The Following messages is from Marcelo in Venezuela...

> dear comrades...
> the situation here is very sad and yet very inspiring to keep fighting.
> i am writing quickly because we are in the middle of the heat.
> basically, after a wonderful day of dance, drumming, popular trial and
> direct action, the "revolutionary" police of freddy bernal
> ('revolutionary"
> mayor) repressed the manifestation with teat gas and rubber bullets,
> arresting 5 comrades of whom 3 are still in jail and are going to
> trial.
> we wrote a document that has been signed by more than 150 people (and
> growing) called "we are all responsible", in which we assume the direct
> responsibility (intellectual, organizational and executive) for the
> action,
> and demand that the 3 comrades are immediately released or that we all
> go to
> a collective trial, in liberty and not in jail (like the 3 are) for the
> action.
> we need urgent international solidarity in order to put pressure on the
> government to meet our demands.
> i say it is sad because, even though we still support the government's
> initiatives, the right wing sectors are starting to show their
> manipulation
> over chavez. it is a complex issue and for that reason i urge you to
> read
> the document that you can find in english at:
> http://www.indymediapr.org/features/venezuela
> you can find more info at:
> http://www.aporrea.org
> ok, dear people...
> here the spirit is high and the desire to deepen our revolution more
> real
> than ever...
> people are starting to talk (and i am being serious) of the bolivarian
> revolution before and after of the toppling of the columbus statue. the
> debate is open, and the actions are taking the streets.
> the biggest hugs to all
> with pachamerikan love
> marcelo
> pd: also read our latest comunique called "proximas estatuas a
> derribar..."
> ("next statues to topple...")
> pd2: they still want to arrest more of us, but are evaluating the
> political
> cost of putting more people in jail (especially since it can trigger
> both
> internal and international outrage from autonomous groups). that is why
> international solidarity is so crucial for us!

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