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stevphen shukaitis stevphen at mutualaid.org
Thu Oct 21 14:10:37 CEST 2004

just to throw a thought in here, which might be odd since I ended up not
getting to go the belgrade as I had planned so many probably have no clue
who I am . . .

moving the global conference because the WTO moved its meeting really does
make it seem like the whole thing is a reactionary project on some level.
if the reasoning is that may is a bad month then maybe moving the
conference makes a little sense - but then would wonder why may was ever
chosen in the first place.

cheers and solidarity,

> hi everyone,
> the wto conference has been delayed till december next year. So, it would
> be possible to delay the global conference till end of august beginning of
> september. This is being discussed among Asian groups.
> As in London many people expresed their worries regarding the G8
> preparations and so on, maybe delay the conference would be a solution.
> So, it could be great if you discuss regarding this and send a proposal to
> asian list.
> saludillos
> trasgu
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