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Diañu Burlon dianhuburlon at gmx.net
Thu Oct 21 15:33:25 CEST 2004

well, I though that in the call for the conference it was clear why the 
dates was chosen in the first place.
The idea is not just having a conference to socialize, but having a 
conference for a reason. I mean, to real networking preparing a common 
strategy and a common plan of action, and not just chatting each other. 
Taking this into account, one of the important issues Asia has to deal with 
(clearly among other thousand of them) are agreements of WTO, for example 
the horrible Agricultural Agreement (AoA). One of the proposal was to take 
again the first plan of the PGA, when global conference took place three 
months before the WTO in the way it would have time to organize global days 
of action (pga conference in february 98 = three months before of the wto 
ministerial conference in May 98. Birth of the global days of action).
So, the idea that some movements are discussing is the preparation of local 
demostration against WTO conference, instead of spending big amount of 
human and economical resources in going to Hong Kong.
Besides with local, district and state, national and regional level of 
demostration, the issues will be strongly introduce into the village, the 
We don't have to forget that the position of the Indian goverment in Cancun 
was the consecuense of a huge mass farmer demostration since 2000 against WTO.
So, this is why from Asia it was proposed to have the global conference 
three months before the WTO conference, in the way the organizartions would 
have time to organize local movilizations, even starting weeks before the 
WTO conference.

Personally I think that to organize such event as a huge international 
conference the targets have to be quite define. I am one of those people, 
calling things like the social forum the "socializing fourm". The idea is 
sitting together for something else than having a chat, exchange emails and 
information and coming back home.

I am not now sure whether the call for the global conference is in the pga 
web. It was distributed in Belgrade (last page of the magazine with the 
report of the pga asian and gender conference in Dhaka).
If you don't have it, I will try to look for it (I don't have it in this 

I've not been in the last meeting regarding this issue in Nepal. So, I just 
wrote what I was told by telephone. I will meet with a delegate from 
Bangladesh and India in a few days, and I would be able to tell you more 
about it.

One of the reasons I understood it was better to delay, it was to have more 
time for funding, for organizing the caravans to the conference and the 
whether. From Europe I understand that move it to september would make 
possible for the organizers of the movilizations against G8 to participate 
in the process of the conference.


At 12:10 PM 10/21/04 +0000, you wrote:
>just to throw a thought in here, which might be odd since I ended up not
>getting to go the belgrade as I had planned so many probably have no clue
>who I am . . .
>moving the global conference because the WTO moved its meeting really does
>make it seem like the whole thing is a reactionary project on some level.
>if the reasoning is that may is a bad month then maybe moving the
>conference makes a little sense - but then would wonder why may was ever
>chosen in the first place.
>cheers and solidarity,
> > hi everyone,
> > the wto conference has been delayed till december next year. So, it would
> > be possible to delay the global conference till end of august beginning of
> > september. This is being discussed among Asian groups.
> > As in London many people expresed their worries regarding the G8
> > preparations and so on, maybe delay the conference would be a solution.
> > So, it could be great if you discuss regarding this and send a proposal to
> > asian list.
> >
> > saludillos
> > trasgu
> >
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