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raoule raoule at no-log.org
Thu Oct 21 20:55:08 CEST 2004


(first : about the wintermeeting dates, i'm trying to get some answers from the Sans-Titre people soon...)

it's elsa, it is about the report from the conference in belgrade. i'm sorry i needed so much time to react (but i'm not really friend with internet those times), and i'm sorry i'm a bit lost in all this kind of mess about the report.

some of you may have met in london and talked about the report. actually i couldn't be there but i hope you could meet and have some concrete news cause it's so much easier when you meet than when you write on e-mail lists...

my opinion is that the proposal from olivier about the structure is ok : dividing the report in two parts : one about the process (proposals + decisions) and the other one about workshops.
I definitely think that the "personnal feedbacks" or collective feedbacks and evaluations, or whatever feelings and texts about the conference, could be very interesting to be put together... but in AN OTHER place, in another kind of report... i hope i and some other people from france ("Sans-titre" and friends, and maybe non-friends too) are able to send some personal reports in a few weeks. 
We could publish them on all4all.org, or maybe ask if it's possible to create a space for this on pgaconference.org?

It looks like serge from eurodusnie is the pgaconference.org/'s webmaster : serge at eurodusnie.nl. Did anyone already contact him, or shall we do this? I think publishing the report on this website would be a better idea than on all4all.org, but maybe if it's easier...? 

Now, about the process + workshops report : i'm affraid we don't have many reports from workshops, which is a pity, but anyway we cannot wait for years... I've asked to people i know if they could send some reports but had no news yet.

Did anyone find a version of the proposals for the final spokescouncil? Of course it would be much more practical to get them on a computer version, but as no one ever replied to this, maybe we should type them again??? I have them on papers and could typewrite them, if ever we really need to!

> -         Call for the G8 : Ben 
> -         Call for Pachamerica : marcelo

do you mean you already got them? 
> -         Role of Internet in our networks (in French) : cedric

ok, if no one else feels like doing it, i can translate this BUT as you may have noticed my english is not that good!

well, i think that's all for the moment. 
hope to get some news soon, then i'll be happy to work a little on thios report

take care, elsa

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