[Pga_europe_process] Re: pga europe wintermeeting in ***AUSRTALIA???***

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Sat Oct 23 22:58:50 CEST 2004

Hi PGA people, and Wob Marley and other people who find the mistakes.

Thanks, the difference are a few letters but it is a totally different 

* I've corrected Australia into Austria on index.html. and added the extra 

* I've changed the old global PGAarchive website to the new address 
http://www.all4all.org (at Links/contacts)

* I've added the e-mail address of the webteam to the other e-mail 
addresses. (at Links/contacts)

If I've corrected things wrong or you might find other things I will 
corrected as soon as possible. - I can if more mistakes are found correct 
tomorrow evening (Monday) and else at 1st of November. - After Tuesday I 
don't see any computer.



At 22:32 23-10-2004 +0200, wob marley wrote:
>the meeting in austria (in the town of Linz btw)is also about the global 
>conference in nepal 2005. maybe it also should be added.
>>>"Preparatorial (winter)meeting in Australia January 2005"
>>>...just found by hazard...
>>>maybe the someone from the page-admin volunteers will change it 
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