[Pga_europe_process] about the conference report

ni co lu nicolu at chutelibre.org
Mon Oct 25 20:17:57 CEST 2004

Here is a summary of what I can try to send before a week (hopefully less but
that's not sure) and few other ideas

about the report :

gender day - I'll write a general intro and something about the men against
patriarchy workshop. I've asked gain the various people who organized
workshops that day through the breakingthesilence list to send reports (even
short ones and I hope to have answers.

poltical reader - i can send to olivier thet texts of the political reader
in rtf.file

reader of the conference - i would propose to include pieces of the
conference practical guide into the report, at least the parts baout the
structures and decisionnal process of the conference, at least to show how
it was organized and working. I'm waiting for nolie who did the layout to
send me the final version of the stuff, but his laptop is broken so it's
going to be next week.

pga structures part of the spoke's council - i'm going to mix the proposal that was
made with the decision to have one clear documents ( as the decisions are
not understandable without the proposal and it's not really nice easy too to
read the two documents separately). I wonder if other people who worked in
the other process group  could do that
for the other chapters of the spoke's council (global process, actions,
gender, relations to other organisations...I have the paper version of the
other proposals but wouldn't really like to retype it all.

intro to the spoke's council - I have it only paper, but if we've lost the
files as it seems we did, I think i could maybe retype the introduction to
the spoke's council as it seems usefull to me to put it in the reader.

action climbing workshop - i'll write something short about what we did, just
to mention it, and why we did it, but it was mostly practical.

general intro - as it seems that a lot of the workshops will not be
reported, it could be nice in a general intro to use the programm to give a
list of the various workshops that happened so they're at least mentioned
and people can have an idea of the diversity of things that happened.

bisous / nico

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