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hi there!

El 25/10/2004, a las 19:17, ni co lu escribió:

> pga structures part of the spoke's council - i'm going to mix the 
> proposal that was
> made with the decision to have one clear documents ( as the decisions 
> are
> not understandable without the proposal and it's not really nice easy 
> too to
> read the two documents separately). I wonder if other people who 
> worked in
> the other process group  could do that
> for the other chapters of the spoke's council (global process, actions,
> gender, relations to other organisations...I have the paper version of 
> the
> other proposals but wouldn't really like to retype it all.

if noone else is up for it, i can do the part on the nepal conference. 
during the ESF i met the people who put the proposals together for the 
spokes council and they told me that the file is only in the computers 
where they typed it in belgrade, and i don't have a clue where these 
computers are right now and whether the files will still be there (i 
understood that the computers would remain in the school, and in this 
case the files are surely deleted). if someone from belgrade could 
check up on this, it would be great. we really need the report on the 
global conference, since it should have been sent to asia and the other 
regions long ago.

two more points:

El 23/10/2004, a las 21:32, wob marley escribió:

> the meeting in austria (in the town of Linz btw)is also about the 
> global conference in nepal 2005. maybe it also should be added.

we will of course need to talk about the nepal conference in the winter 
meeting (especially, if the Asian movements propose a concrete new date 
by the time we meet). however, as decided in belgrade during the spokes 
council, we will need a longer meeting of all movements that want to go 
to Nepal in order to prepare well for it. we decided that this meeting 
should be attended by all groups that want to send people to nepal, in 
order to be able to decide, among other things, on questions such as 
how to balance the participation from different parts of the world. in 
belgrade, it was proposed to the spokes council and agreed that this 
meeting would take place in easter (which this year is at the end of 
march). if the date of the conference is delayed till late summer, we 
could also delay this preparatory meeting till early summer. i guess 
this is a question to consider in relation to the question of dates for 
nepal, and i also guess that the best is to talk about all this in the 
winter meeting (hopefully the Asian movements will have made a concrete 
proposal by then), and not in email lists (which are not very useful 
for this kind of issues). i also understand that, as long as no other 
decision is made at the winter meeting (since i frankly don't see any 
other way to make this decision in a legitimate way), the initial 
proposal to hold the nepal preparatory meeting in easter (end of march) 
is still valid. in my opinion, this is one more reason to try to have 
the winter meeting as soon as possible. i personally think that the 
best would be to have it either around new year's eve or just before 
the actions against the World Economic Forum in Davos.

the other point is this email send a while ago to the caravan list, 
which i think that didnt make it to the process list (but my email 
account is behaving in very weird ways, so i'm not sure at all -- 
apologies if this was already in this list)

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> De: "Pablo Kala" <pablokala at hotmail.com>
> Fecha: 4 de octubre de 2004 12:34:14 GMT+01:00
> Para: pga-asia at cupboard.org, pga-asia at lists.riseup.net, 
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> Asunto: [caravan99] PGA Asia meeting: report
> Communication from Chukki and Pablo 
> During the Food Sovereignty Caravan, which culminated in Kathmandu, 
> Nepal, members of PGA Asia held a meeting to discuss the PGA Global 
> Conference to be held in 2005.  Here is the report from that meeting:
> PGA Asia Meeting 29/09/04 Kathmandu, Nepal
> Present: Prem Dangal (ANPA), Chukki Nanjundaswamy (KRRS), J.M. 
> Veerasangaih (KRRS), Ilias Mullah (KRRS) Yudhvir Singh (BKU), Rakesh 
> Tikait (BKU), Mr. Chenniah (APVVU), Badrul Alam (BKF), Salina (BKS), 
> Mr. Rajendra (APVVU), Pablo Kala (support group).
> 	1.  	Yudhvir gave a brief report back on the PGA European conference, 
> informing the group that the conference had accepted the venue of 
> Kathmandu; would hold a preparatory meeting in November in Europe to 
> discuss the Global Conference; and were planning a samba caravan to 
> from Europe to Kathamndu to arrive for the conference.
> 	2.  	The group discussed security issues, given the current Maoist 
> insurgency in Nepal. Prem thought that there would be no security 
> problem in the city of Kathmandu, or for delegates arriving by flight. 
> He would keep PGA informed as to developments in Nepal.
> 	3.  	The group discussed conference preparation issues:
>  (a) Funding: ANPA would attempt to provide the funding for 
> accommodation and food for the conference. While in Kathmandu, members 
> of the group would hold an exploratory meeting with members of 
> Pesticide Action Network Asia Pacific (who organised the Food caravan) 
> as to the possibility of such organisations providing sponsorship for 
> individuals (from grassroots movements) to attend the PGA conference. 
> Members of PGA Asia who attend the People’s Food Convention in Dhaka 
> (in November 2004) would also approach members of Asia Pacific 
> Research Network on the same issue. Lek (support group) would look 
> into other sources of funding from her extensive contacts in SE Asia.
> (b) Conference Theme: PGA Asia suggests a conference theme in order to 
> secure possible funding. Such a theme would not limit the global 
> conference agenda in any way. This had worked quite well for the PGA 
> Asia Regional and Gender Conference held in Dhaka, 2004. The theme 
> suggested was ‘Food Sovereignty and Gender’.
> (c) Translation: The problems of language translation at PGA 
> conferences were discussed. The advantages and limitations of 
> translation machines and hiring professional translators were also 
> discussed. The meeting accepted that greater numbers of translators 
> were needed, and that it should be the responsibility of movements 
> attending the global conference to bring sufficient translators to 
> enable all delegates from that movement to be able to follow 
> conference proceedings. It was suggested that movements might be able 
> to obtain translation support from friends/supporters of the movements 
> who have language skills.
> (d) Recruitment: The meeting agreed on the need to identify movements 
> from the Asia region to invite to the conference. Those present would 
> contact other movements at future conferences, gatherings etc that 
> they attended between now and the global conference. In addition, 
> given the Asian location of the conference, it was felt that this was 
> a good opportunity to bring many Asian movements into the PGA process, 
> and that this would also help to empower movement mobilization in 
> their own realities.
> (e) Conference Day of Action: The group agreed on the need for a day 
> of action/mobilization following the end of the global conference. 
> ANPA will suggest possible actions.
> (f) Pre-conference preparation: the meeting suggested that this 
> responsibility should not only be for ANPA and the PGA support groups. 
> Rather, it was felt that participant movements should send 
> representatives before the global conference to help in conference 
> preparation.

cheers, sergio

Sergio Oceransky
Ronzón, 33637 Lena
Asturias - Spain
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