[Pga_europe_process] Re: pga europe winter meeting

wob marley bohnensack at vegesack.com
Thu Oct 28 09:58:06 CEST 2004

good for us!
but still we need a date for this meeting and i want to repeat our 
suggestions for this (plus why we chose those dates - and NO it should not 
be a voting on those dates but we need to fix it somehow!)
we were always taking the thursday as arriving date and sunday as the ending 
20-23.january (this is one week before davos and wsf - maybe some people are 
moving at this time anyway..)
10-13.february (this is about two weeks after the wsf and davos - this would 
leave people time to relax or whatever between the wsf/davos and the 
17-20 february (is again one week later and will leave even more time). 

for us all three dates will be ok.

> You are quite right. Funding work should start right away and we shouldn't 
> wait for the meeting, we should have some people working on it already so 
> that some proposals could be on the table at the meeting.
> And as far as I know no one is on to it for the moment. I am sending this 
> to two people of the Asia support group, as requests to foundations should 
> probably come from the asian hosts. Have you already any ideas, texts, 
> elements for a budget or whatever?
> Olivier
> PS Well there were some very nice people from Australia in Cochabamba, and 
> it would be nice and warm in december... 

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