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Fri Oct 29 12:43:32 CEST 2004

I'm not sure about other people from Belgrade, but I prefer having wintermeeting in February, after Davos and WSF.That will leave people to relax, but would also help in organising themselves and all stuff about winter meeting.
It's just too much to prepare for wm and other stuff at the same time. 
I guess, many people who would like to be on a wintermeeting, won't come becouse they need some time for peparation of Davos and wsf, or at least a little braek before that.
So, I propose meeting in February.
I have personal reasons also for not having wintermeeting in January.
If we agree about January, unfortunatly I won't be able to come, which is not good becouse that meeting is a chance to discuss necesary stuff about Nepal and the caravan, starting from Belgrade, and of course about next PGA conference.

good for us!
but still we need a date for this meeting and i want to repeat our 
suggestions for this (plus why we chose those dates - and NO it should not 
be a voting on those dates but we need to fix it somehow!)
we were always taking the thursday as arriving date and sunday as the ending 
20-23.january (this is one week before davos and wsf - maybe some people are 
moving at this time anyway..)
10-13.february (this is about two weeks after the wsf and davos - this would 
leave people time to relax or whatever between the wsf/davos and the 
17-20 february (is again one week later and will leave even more time). 

for us all three dates will be ok.

> You are quite right. Funding work should start right away and we shouldn't 
> wait for the meeting, we should have some people working on it already so 
> that some proposals could be on the table at the meeting.
> And as far as I know no one is on to it for the moment. I am sending this 
> to two people of the Asia support group, as requests to foundations should 
> probably come from the asian hosts. Have you already any ideas, texts, 
> elements for a budget or whatever?
> Olivier
> PS Well there were some very nice people from Australia in Cochabamba, and 
> it would be nice and warm in december... 

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