[Pga_europe_process] Climate justice & PGA: Belgrade conference report

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Wed Nov 3 14:40:36 CET 2004

Climate justice & PGA: Belgrade report

Here's part of the text of a leaflet distributed at the July 2004 
Belgrade conference by people involved with Rising Tide in the UK:

'Climate justice & PGA - time for a closer connection?

Oil fuels the engine of economic growth. When that oil is burnt, it 
becomes the CO2 which is screwing up the weather as well as the lives 
of the world's (poorest) people. So climate change is a capitalist 
disease. We live in a system that values profit above all else, and 
this insane outlook is undermining the long-term stability of our 

It's pretty certain that you know about this already. The purpose of 
this leaflet is to start a debate in this conference about ways to 
cross-fertilise campaigns on issues such as racism, gender, class and 
refugees with campaigns against the oil industry and climate change.

We aren't suggesting that you stop working on your one issue (if you 
only have one!) and start only saving the climate. But we are asking 
you - urgently - to bring a climate change perspective to your 
actions when you can.'

2 workshops on this subject were held. One was in the form of a film 
night and general discussion, and the other had more of a practical 
'what next?' focus. Planned local outreach didn't come together, 
unfortunately. While we're happy that we had the chance to raise this 
issue at the conference, and to make contact with several interested 
people from many different countries, the debate that we'd hoped to 
stimulate didn't really take place. Nevertheless, we feel confident 
that a Europe-wide network of groups and individuals committed to the 
dismantlement of the oil industry and tackling the root causes of 
climate chaos was brought a step closer.

Contact: london at risingtide.org.uk

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