[Pga_europe_process] wintermeeting again

wob marley bohnensack at vegesack.com
Sun Nov 7 19:45:42 CET 2004

we started the process about the date of the wintermeeting in linz/austria
on this list on september 21. since then this issue was discussed here and 
several suggestions were made.
until today we dont see a consensus, and for us there does not seem to be 
one in sight.
since we have to start to make reservations for rooms, heated 
sleeepingplaces etc, we propose a final discussion on the matter of the 
dates on this list,
which has a deadline on thursday 11 of november! if a consensus cant be 
reached till this date, we will throw the dices on this matter. 

we propose this, because it seems that there wont be a consensus really 
possible with so many people involved and dates from other meetings or 
"events" changed on a weekly basis. the same goes for personal schedules. we 
do want to see everyone involved in linz, but we cant decide whose dates are 
more important.
so to us it seems the dices are the fairest instrument of reaching a 

so please: reply on this mail untill thursday 11,
or we will gamble out the dates. 

proposed dates 

20-23 january 05 

12-15 february 05 

19-22 february 05 

the wob_marley,
gambling department 

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