[Pga_europe_process] wintermeeting on february 12-15!!!

stevphen shukaitis stevphen at mutualaid.org
Thu Nov 11 20:04:02 CET 2004

wob marley folks:

did you read any of the discussion about dates for the winter meeting? if
you would have read any of them you probably would have noticed that the
overwhelming thread running through them was the idea that it would be
better to have a meeting sooner rather than later.

the fact that no one has said anything since you send the message last
week does not necessarily mean that people agree with this - but merely
that the idea of having a meeting sooner had already been said at numerous
times before (by the way - it's also somewhat silly to think that one
could "reach consensus" via a listserv - that seems like an almost
impossible task, or at least one that would take a very long time).

it seems to me that the february date is what works best for you to
organize the meeting - which makes some sense for that too be taken into
account in the date. but to say that no opinion has been expressed about
the date of the meeting when discussion clearly has been had about wanting
to have the meeting earlier is kinda silly at best.

cheers + solidarity

> hello,
> as we announced a week ago,
> (and seems like everyone agreed,
> cause there was no feedback:)...)
> we fixed the date for the wintermeeting
> through gambling.
> the dices say:
> 12-15th of february,
> in linz/ austria.
> now we really can start organising,
> greetings,
> wob-marley

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