[Pga_europe_process] dates of Global Conference in Nepal

shine ror at aseed.antenna.nl
Fri Nov 12 20:56:34 CET 2004

deciding on dates seems to be a popular topic for discussion on this list,
(not claiming we are very successful...) here goes the next one:

in a recent meeting with Chukki from KRRS about the preparation for an
progress of the caravan plans, we inevitably came to talk about the dates
for the global conference as the time planning for the caravan is dependent
on this. 

it became clear that new dates for the conference are not set yet, only that
it will be delayed in accordance with the WTO conference, which is being
postponed until December 13-18, 2005. in other words, the global PGA
conference should happen somewhere around beginning/mid September.

Chukki asked us to discuss a bit between groups in Europe what would be the
best dates for the European participants, taking into account the G8
protests and events and the time we need for travelling with the caravan.

for the caravan we are counting with a minimum of one month to get there.
with the above time plan, we'd have to departure beginning off/mid August.

the question is how much time we need to wrap up, recover from and do
support work after G8, which will be July 6-8. when do people think they
would be ready to step into a project such as the caravan?!

I seem to remember that the organisations in India are having a meeting
sometimes the coming month where they will have to take a decision on this.
if we could put in some feedback on the dates before that, it'd be great!


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