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we sent a message of solidarity to Ukrainian comrades this morning
(on hearing news of mass demonstrations there against the
elections), some of who are involved with the PGA.

They were also involved in the early stages of organising the
Belgrad conference. There was even an offer to host a organising
meeting in Ukraine which was sadly not taken up.

We feel this was a missed opportunity for both the conference and
the PGA and that had their involvement been encouraged over and
above the involvement of western european comrades, including us,
then we would be in a far better position now.

the western european bias is further reflected in the fact that
although the Global conference can be delayed to allow for anti-G8
mobilisation in Britain, there is no time  or consideration given
to the participation of African groups that are networked in the
PGA (even though there is no PGA Africa)

As it is, we need an open discussion and listing of all delegates
who will attend the PGA winter meeting in 'Europe' and also what
the agenda of that meeting will be. At LARC we hope to discuss the
PGA on 12th December, depending on the availability of

West Essex Zapatista
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