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Strike continuing. Some provocations began...
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Subject: Re: News of Ukraine in West Essex
From:  	Leonid Savin <evrazia at ukr.net>
Date:  	Tue, 23 Nov 2004 06:01:49 -0800

Officially win Yanukovich (candidate from government). Elections
was with a lot of violations, but internationals observers tell
that it's really.

In Ukraine began national strike. Few cities from West Ukraine do
not following the official authority. A lot of people come to Kiev
(official source tell that 1,5 millions there who protest), special
police forces too. Parties that support Yushenko (so called
democratic opposition, financially supported by US) protest in
parliament and sent notes to Council of Europe, UN, OBSE and other
international organizations.
Yanukivich ask do not make blood revolution.

Before second round also were repressions. www.darkride.org.ru We'
wrote in newspaper about it. We want to find enough technics
(digaital camera and enough equipment) to start indymedia and make
operative work that will deal with repressions etc. If you know any
funds or persons who can help it will be great.

At moment I'm working for analytic report for possible
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