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Sat Nov 27 15:15:32 CET 2004

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independent reports from Ukraine:

From:   	 magduv <magduv at gmail.com>
Date:   	 Wed, 24 Nov 2004 07:08:29 -0800

here is maddness.. central street in Kiev blocked with tent camps..
last three days there are demos on the main street and square.. more
then 200 000 people every day.. there are demos all over Ukraine..
hundreds thousends people are on the streets..

officials of some areas (mainly from west) already declared opposition
candidate as their president..

in nearest hour Central election commitee should say official results
of elections, but everybody expecting, that they'll declare pro-power
candidate as president..

we have strong rumours that after that in Kiev will start provocations
and then power will opress opposition with russian special forces (in
ukrainian uniform) wich are already on the terriory of ukraine (btw,
Putin greeted pro-power candidate with wining of elections 2 days ago)
and criminals released from prisons from eastern ukraine.. another
rumour saying that in that time in Kiev will enter tank column..

we know, some army and police forces support opposition, so we'll see
what will happen..

also here a lot of buses from the east with people, supporting power,
who've been payed for this trip to kiev (it's not rumour).. on the
other side, many people from west going to Kiev by their own
initiative.. but its impossible to buy a train ticket, nevertheless
trains arriving to Kiev empty..

you can imaging what we all feel here..

together with www.txtmob.com we tryed here to make sms-list for people
on the streets, for selforganisation and spreaing of last news, but
our cell phone providers work VERY bad, and this list is usless :(

From:   	 Leonid Savin <evrazia at ukr.net>
Date:  	Tue, 23 Nov 2004 06:01:49 -0800

Officially win Yanukovich (candidate from government). Elections was with
a lot of violations, but internationals observers tell that it's really.
In Ukraine began national strike. Few cities from West Ukraine do not
following the official authority. A lot of people come to Kiev (official
source tell that 1,5 millions there who protest), special police forces
too. Parties that support Yushenko (so called democratic opposition,
financially supported by US) protest in parliament and sent notes to
Council of Europe, UN, OBSE and other international organizations.
Yanukivich ask do not make blood revolution.
Before second round also were repressions. www.darkride.org.ru We' wrote
in newspaper about it. We want to find enough technics (digaital camera
and enough equipment) to start indymedia and make operative work that will
deal with repressions etc. If you know any funds or persons who can help
it will be great.
At moment I'm working for analytic report for possible publications.

Some source tell that now in Kiev stays special police forces from Russia!!!
Strike continuing. A lot factories not works! Universities, colleges,
Institutes (mostly all) also stop work. Students on streets.
Police not doing repressions. A lot of policemans support opposition.
Next news tomorrow, cause I'll be somewhere on streets.

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