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Sorry for chaotic text. It was done in hurry

23 0f Nov. Viktor Yushenko take an presidental oath in Ukrainan Parliament. 
24 of Nov. Minister of Justice Alexandr Lavrinovich told that oath is not valid and was not good step from Yushenko.  Central Election Comission recognized Viktor Yanukovich as winner. The same day governors of regions from Western Ukraine declare Viktor Yushenko as their president. The British Helsinki Human Rights Group argues that Yanukovich won the election 
27 of Nov. Parliament of Ukraine vote (247 from 428 MP's) that elections was falsificated. Parliament also ask president Leonid Kuchma to form Central Election Comission from new members.
28 of Nov in Severodonetsk city was panukrainian meetings of local authorities from Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Zhytomir, Zakarpatie, Kiev, Lugansk, Nikolaev, Odessa, Poltava, Kharkov regions and Council of Crimea. 3576 delegats dicede to create interregional union of local authorities. Some days before authorities of Donesk and Lugansk have been spread resolution that this region become south eastern autonomy in case if Viktor Yushenko become president. Governor of Kharkov Evgen Kushnariov told that Kharkov city will not do subordination to any authority. Kharkov have stopped money transfers to national budget of Ukraine.
5 of Dec. in Donetsk will be referendum about autonomy.

Crowds of people with oprange labels or dress still staing on the squares of different cities in Central, North and Western regions. Their leaders call to do revolution. There are lot of children. 
In East and South a lot of meetings for support of Viktor Yanukovich. They are seems not so expressive like "oranged" ones.
Opinion of citizens have separate country for two parts. 
Brzezinsky describe Ukraine like important geopolitical subject. As he wrote in their "Grand chessboard" US interested to put in Ukraine strong influence and "democratic values". US not looking for democracy, but for destabilization of region and economical-political intervention. If we will look on american strategy we'll see that US forces through military actions or organized "revolutions" (Serbia-Georgia-Ukraine) tries to scope territories around Russia. This strategy named "Anaconda" is not new and was used several times by US, especially when US began to place military bases aroun USSR. Now in Ukraine not political crisis only but beginning of economical crisis. For sure if pro-western powers will win US will propose loans and economical reforms.
US also to threat that will use sanction against Ukraine if elections will be not "democratic". "Guardian" newspaper wrote that ukrainian elections and what happens later remind scenario that was used in Serbia in 2000 and Georgia in 2003 where ruling regimes were throwned.

Because most of western mass-media show Yushenko as democrat here is more information about him

Nazi and Yushenko

1 of June press-sercvice of Panukrainian union "Svoboda" (Freedom) that was named as Social-National party of Ukraine before (leader is Oleg Tyagnibok) and have been used symbolic that associated with swastika spread message that nationalistic organizations of Ukraine will unite for support of Viktor Yushenko on presidental elections as real and only one candidate from national-patriotic forces.
26 of June march of faschists have been happened in Kiev. Hundreds of fighters from UNA went through center of Kiev city. Near the Sophia Kievska temple was meeting of faschists where were nazi speech and calls to support Yushenko. Officials from "NU" told that it was provocation made by authorities, but they were not to prevent this march. Some analitics thinks that it was special strategy of "NU": 1) to show to nazi groups that Yushenko follow the same nazi politics; 2) to wait reaction of masses and after it make declaration.
18 of July political party "Reformi i poryadok" that get in block of Viktor Yushenko was renamed to "Nasha Ukraina" ("NU"). 
15 of July MP Oleg Tyagnibok was on meeting in Ivano-Frankovsk region, near the grave of Klim Savur, combat of Ukrainian Rebel Army. He told: "They were not affraid and we must to not affraid, they take guns and went to these forests, they've fight with russians, germans, jews and otherdirties who want to take off our ukrainian state... Ukraine must be for ukrainians. Those young people and you're grey-haired - this is mixture that keep in fear the moscow-jewish mafia who rules in Ukraine now". 
This speech was qualificated like xenophobic. Week later Tyagnibok presented apologies
and told that it was his personal position but not of "NU" and his leader.
30 of July Prosecutor office of Ivano-Frankovsk region open criminal case against Tyagnibok for kindling of national war and humiliation of national pride and honour.
10 of September parliament fraction decide to exclude Oleg Tyagnibok from fraction. Speaker of parliament Vladimir Litvin read official  declaration of fraction.
In Odessa city in October were spreaded pamphlets with title "Rise up, honest ukrainians! And to kill russians!" signed by Oleg Tyagnibok. In pamphlets were calls to make violence, to change form of state and other xenophobic messages. Parallely with spreading of these pamphlets were made agitation for Viktor Yushenko.  CIS EMO  organization that observe elections in CIS countries ask to take attention "the double position of election headquarters of Yushenko who from one side declare democratic principles and from other side uses service of politica with ultranationalistic and faschistic visions".

Politologs tells that anyway block "NU" will not exist because a lot of inner conflicts between Yushenko and his suppoprters, very weak coordination and no ideology. Also on base of old rihghtwing parties ("NU" is this one) prepared creation of new rightwing political party.

Also a lot of big events to support Viktor Yushenko have been done by Andrey Sereda, leader of famous music band "Komu vniz" that have fascist image. He often to use slogan "Ukraine for ukrainians" on meetings. A lot of camps in Kiev now secured by skinheads that bring to them positive image of protectors.

US and Yushenko.
More than 13 millions $ US were given by different US foundations to pro-Yushenko organizations. At first in Ukraine were founded pan-ukrainian organizations "Pora" and "Chista Ukraina" that have image of stidents organizations. 
Yushenko have no back way cause so much money (also from ukrainian oligarchy) invested in him and his chimera. He will follow liberal reforms. It mean globalization of economy and privatization.
"I'm economist and for me money have not geography. I'm for active work of foreign investors in Ukraine" - Yushenko told in interview to "Gazeta.Ru". 
Transnational corporation will come to Ukraine for exploiting of cheap labour. A lot of points of legislation will be changed. For example, in Ukraine prohibited to sell and use GMO products, but after pressing of US corporation for sure it will be here.
When Yushenko was prime-minister a lot of economicaly good contracts with different countries were canceled. In exchange for this damaged for Ukraine deal US government promised to provide credits bearing no interests. Ukrainian factories paid penalties to foreign partners and US have been not provide promised money. Is it good deal?
Viktor Yushenko was 9 years in authorities (head of National bank of Ukraine, prime-minister) and during all this time in country was unstability, high level of jobless). 

Power of woman
Another important person from Yuhsenko crew who now call to do revolution is Yulia Timoshenko. She was vice-prime-minister of Pavel Lazarenko, ex prime-minister, arrested and prisoned in USA for corruption. 
 General prosecutor office of Ukraine in 2000 start prosecution against Yulia Timoshenko and her husband Alexandr Timoshenko according to fact of giving bribe ( 3 millions $ US) to officials from Ministry of defence of Russia during time when he was head of United energetic systems of Ukraine ("UES"). Prosecutor office spread information that this bribe help to Timoshenko to steal more than 400 millions $ US. Also Yulia Timoshenko have did made only 30% of work for russian Ministry of defence and in result official Russia still doing prosecution of Yulia Timoshenko. Gennady Timoshenko (husband's father), ex-general director of "UES" was arrested in Turkey in June 2002 and sent out to Ukraine. He and other three persons are from list of Interpol.
Ukrainian authorities also accuse Timoshenko for sale ukrainian corporation to british United Energy International (85% of bonds is property of UK one, this company was found in UK by turkish citizen Erkument Aksa because of order of Yulia Timoshenko), falsification of documents, contrabanda of gas and stealing of State's property.
In end of August this year Yulia Timoshenko promised to began national riot if results of elections will be "not good".
22 0f Nov. Yulia Timoshenko call people to massapeal disorders and doing it during all time of strike. 


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