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Olivier De Marcellus elviejo at greenmail.ch
Wed Dec 8 17:39:47 CET 2004

Got this news.
Could be a good space to continue after the successful London 
experiences, for those who were planning to go to the FSM.
Also to discuss the PGA global meeting that is being planned for 
september in Nepal.
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FYI- I got this from person I met yesterday who is has been involved 
somewhat in efforts to get PGA re-started in US, also trying to get an 
Encuentro going in Worcester, MA. Folks he is working with, about whom I 
know very little, are seeking to use fact of World Social Forum, as 
described below. Monty
In the zapatista caracoles, we can see each other, find each other,
listen, recognize each other. At the intergalactic encounters we
amplify, contaminate, enlarge each other. We are ourselves, we are ach
other: resistance opens up.

Caracol Intergalactika  Porto Alegre 2005

'Caracol', like the towns of the Zapatistas. 'Intergalactika', because
that's the breadth of resistance.


To be installed in Porto Alegre, 26th-31st January 2005 to bring
together, radicalize the resistance to capitalism and reclaim the World
Social Forum.

What for?
Through a programme of workshops and process meetings, this year's
aims at facilitating groups with similar or
different projects to find their overlaps and ways of cooperating with
each other. Over the last years we have been everywhere, we have
spoken, learnt and taught. Now what we want is beyond just a space, or
encounter; we want to think about the future: to plan, to collectively
organize common projects, made of people, knowledge, hope and solidarity
the living matter of our strength in the years to come.


-- workshops: spaces of skill-sharing and exchange of experiences. The
first round (two days) will bring together groups that work on similar
areas (non-violent direct action, tactical media, occupations, art
activism, land issues, ecology, .).  During these days, we'll be
discussing projects that we already have or want to start, and looking
concrete ways of linking them up and cooperating. The second round two
days) will bring together groups from different areas, and trying to
ways of crossing the different projects  for example, a tactical media
campaign on GMOs, art activism in urban or rural occupations,
of communication tools for popular movements etc.

-- actions: direct actions in Porto Alegre and the territory of the WSF,
with space to coordinate different tactics and characteristics, where we
can try out new alliances, know each other, develop trust, solidarity

-- process meetings: report back about the ideas that have come up at
workshops, and evaluate the way things are going and propose solutions
the continuity of the experience.

A day in the life of the Laboratory would be something like this:

Late morning: action
13h30  15h30: workshop
16  18h: workshop
18h  19h30: process meeting

Some ideas/ projects already proposed have been around: direct action
the criminalization of protests, reappropriation and occupations,
precarity, tactical media, activist research/ research activism. the
will only be closed after we start (or finish).

How to take part?

We invite all before coming to Porto Alegre to post their projects,
and proposals on the wiki (newsproject.omweb.org) or to send them to
intergalactika at riseup.net. You can also join the list:
caracolintergalactika at lists.riseup.net


Our central coordinate in the small temporary global territory of the
Forum will be the 'periphery', a stretch of land between the Youth Camp
and the
official spaces of the WSF.

Why at the WSF?

Especially for those in Latin America, the opportunity the WSF offers is
unique: that of meeting or re-encountering people like us, who do
things in entirely different ways, from close or far. We want to be with
these people, and ask questions, and find answers together.


Because resistance, the one which is everywhere, is our knowledge and
art; because we need to recognize each other in our struggles; because
have to keep on creating the ground on which we can and must grow
together; because in struggle we want to experiment
with another world.

Because struggle is the only one that creates worlds.

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