[Pga_europe_process] Correction ! News fron the Estafetta - Taking it Back - Chain Refl-Action group

Olivier De Marcellus elviejo at greenmail.ch
Sat Dec 11 19:44:43 CET 2004

(Excuse the previous incomplete message!)

Hello all!
Following up on the project born at the PGA Europe meeting, a small 
group has been exchanging thoughts.  Everything isn't worked out yet, 
but we think that it the idea is clear enough now to send it round on a 
bigger list already, because what we really need now is a certain number 
of places that commit themselves to trying out the idea. In practice it 
will probably evolve anyhow...

Attached you will find the project.

In the discussion we agreed that of course it would be great to have 
this as international as possible, but that we should go ahead with 
whoever is ready.

It didn't finally seem very important to have an official start-off 
date, since the basic idea is actions following each other, NOT 
simultaneous ones. Starting small and growing. In fact, unless we have a 
huge number of groups interested, it would probably be better to NOT 
start with several at once, but first make sure that we have a nice 
series that follow and learn from each other. (Also the first day of 
spring, which was proposed, doesn't make much sense in Argentina!)

Agnes and Marion have two examples of actions (one already done) in 
their local realities already. Maybe they can follow up with those?

Maybe someone can also move ahead with the wiki site (Vincent?) Make a 
nice image for it out of the rough spiral idea in the project?

So, what do you all think?

Have a happy buy nothing Xmas!

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