[Pga_europe_process] chain-refl-action - first practical ideas from glocal group hanau

infoladen infoladen_hanau at gmx.net
Mon Dec 13 17:52:48 CET 2004

these are our first thoughts how to relate to chain-refl-action on the
local level in hanau...

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An     : Olivier De Marcellus <pga_chain_reflaction at lists.riseup.net>
Datum  : Dienstag, 30. November 2004, 15:06
Betreff: [pga_chain_reflaction] Coucou ! What do you think?

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again i would like to break the silence on this list... i totally
agree with olivier that what we really need are some groups/ places
who say that they have some ideas to fill this actionform. i would
like to start this with some first thoughts we had with glocal group
hanau about how we could contribute to this and hope it is perhaps
inspiring others also to send their thoughts about it. i don't know
how representative this list is now for groups involved in the network
- and so i think to broaden this a bit we should very soon send a
first version at least to the process-list (and to do it really fast i
think we should use oliviers latest proposal and say:"this is not
finalised, but the first idea..."), to inform on the one hand what is
going on and combined with the question how people will contribute to
it, if it is really an idea that is inspiring or if it is possible
that hardly anyone wants this actionform on a practical level.
greetings, m.


 so, some first rough thoughts from our group on the practical level:

for next years spring we plan to work for around 10 weeks very
concentrated on a local level. we want to adress 3 main topics: 1.)
(re)appropriation, 2.) migration, 3.) precarity/ precarious work

the topics we choose are related to the topics we were working on up
to now - perhaps some of you remember that we also tried in belgrade
in the workshop "breaking the activist ghetto" to refer to the
appropiating moments in these different fields of struggles. now we
thought about trying to bring this to a local level - in a time of
some weeks with different actions, events... each theme would be
related to a bigger mobilisation or with reference to international
stuff: we would start with 3-4-days on (re)appropriation  - arround
the 20th of march to refer to chain-refl-action. the migration-related
time would be refering to the 2nd of april which is the 2nd european
actionday on migration that had been decided at the esf in london. the
3rd theme arround precarity would be combined with a mobilisation to
hamburg to the 1st of may where it is possible that a bigger
mobilisation in the spirit of the "euromayday"-mobilisations could
take place. this would be the frame.

 some first (a bit more detailed) thoughts about (re)appropriation/
chain-refl-action: -one event to bring this different topics together
at the beginning (about appropriation we want to invite someone from
the for-free-campaigns) -an action around an idea for a social center
for the neighbourhood - on the level of  collecting the wishes of the
people living here and making them somehow visible, -some kind of
action about for free, possible could be a combination of
yomango-dinner and something about copyed music-cd's or something...
both actions can be seen as in a line of stuff we did in the quarter
our social center is situated (kind of neighbourhood-meetings with a
small campfire at the market-place every month, one time a year a
neighbourhood-party at this place...).

 we will have a first meeting in december to prepare it together with
some more people than just our small group...

in the reflection we could deal with the try to bring these different
themes together, as well as with how it worked out to do something
like this like a campaign for a few weeks...

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