[Pga_europe_process] SORRY - 12-15.02!!!

wob marley bohnensack at vegesack.com
Mon Dec 13 20:19:56 CET 2004

SORRY - i've lost my calendar! it IS from the 12th to the 15th!
one confused wob 

> Hey! 
> Ok, now I really started wondering about what's
> happening. First, there were a few requests for the
> meeting to happen as soon as possible and you decided
> to have it between the 12th and 15th of Feb. Now you
> suddenly write in saying that it's between the 17th
> and 20th... I mean, come on, there are other things
> happening as well and it's kinda hard to plan if you
> keep changing your minds... The fact is that it seems
> to be real expensive to fly to Linz on the weekend of
> the 12th of Feb and the weekend of the 17th is better
> that way, but what day do you actually wanna start the
> meeting. I would prefer arriving Friday and starting
> Saturday as I thought was the plan when you said 12-15
> Feb, but that's just me. Could you please clarify
> what's the situation at your end. Thanks!
> Take care, 
> nina 

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