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Hello Andrej! Hello Friday!
As webmaster of the PGA Conference page, and Friday for the PGA page 
with the Conference results (I have posted it on all for all), can you 
post this text ?
At least this decision of the plenary can have important repercussions 
at other meetings, so it should be put up.

It would be good if we could get some translations of it too!

 From the little feedback I got on my mail a month ago, I am not sure 
whether it is considered very important to get more results of the 
Conference on the page! I would have thought that it would have been at 
least worthwhile to scan the program and proposals of the final plenary, 
so that the decisions of the plenary were more understandable.... and 
put up the stuff we have that is listed below. I would also be willing 
to do some of the job, but not if no one else thinks its worth the effort!

What do others think, or feel ready to do about it?


Well. I guess its really high time we got something done! Trouble is > 
that many workshop reports never came in. I sent some reminders in > 
August, but was snowed under in September.
 > > How should we divide the work?
 > <>Can someone make a general proposal for the structure (below is one 
 > but not necessarily the best)? <>
 > Then if we can find the PGA conference webmaster, maybe he/she could 
 > post the stuff as it was found. Or should someone already make a big 
 > .rtf file, and we all send stuff to that person? <>
 > Can you all check the list below, say if you have other stuff and 
write > to anyone you know who might have more, and maybe announce what 
you are > taking responsibility for? (I can write up my workers assembly 
notes if > nothing else comes in soon.). <>
 > Who will be in London, Friday afternoon at the Wombles (where exactly 
 > and when?) so we could check this out? <>
 > This is the stuff that I have (I mark from who I got these mails to > 
facilitate finding them in your inbox!) and the things that I see
 > missing:
 > > > > General Events:
 > > - The minutes of the final Spokes Council (on the PGA Europe web > 
page, http://pgaconference.org/ ) where I presume the whole report > 
should go. But who is the webmaster ? Strangely, there’s no contact on > 
the page. Friday do you know?
 > > Missing: the proposals for the Spokes Council distributed to 
everyone, > and other texts of proposals that would make it more 
comprehensible. > Looking through it, I would say that we would need to 
insert links to > the following:
 > > - Missing: The original proposal and/or an update on the > 
Estafette proposal (hopefully will come in London!)
 > > - Missing: Discussion text on “Relations between PGA and > 
other…”(is someone following up on this?)
 > > - Missing: “Steps to take in cases of …violence” (Friede ?)
 > > - Call for the G8 : Ben
 > > - Call for Pachamerica : marcelo
 > > > > We could also have all these listed separately from the final 
minutes as > results of the conference, a list which should also have:
 > > - The Political Reader for the conference, but in a very > 
difficult format as copied from an email, Nico will hopefully send it at 
 > least in rtf)
 > > - Workers assembly: two updates on the Jugoremedija occupation: > 
kolektiv… and radnici_akcionari_jugoremedije at yahoo.com
 > > Missing: notes from the day itself (I have some personal ones, but 
I > hope there are others! If not could someone from DSM help?)
 > > - Missing: any trace of the gender day!
 > > - Refugee assembly at the ex-clinic: agnes + kolektiv
 > > Global Conference: spokes council and malahierba
 > > > > > > Workshops. I have:
 > > > > - Breaking the activist ghetto : hanau
 > > - Sunday process meeting proposals for PGA structure: nicolu
 > > - Consensus Decision Making (Asem’s version of how he was > 
excluded after the ass wiping incident – which he doesn’t mention. )
 > > Missing: the minutes of the rest of the session and of the others 
before > and after.
 > > - Role of Internet in our networks (in French) : cedric
 > > - Technology discussion: mreinsborough
 > > > > Missing: all the rest of the workshops!
 > > > > Personal and group evaluations:
 > > > > I agree with Elsa that these should be quite separate from the 
report as > such, but we could send the ones we have received to the PGA 
conference > site and suggest that they be posted in a separate space. I 
 > > one from glocal hanau, a personal one from Jeff Juris, a 
contribution to > the next gender discussion from NoTV.
 > > See you or hear from you all soon I hope!
 > olivier

*Suggested steps to take in case of physical and/ or psychological 

It is based on the premise that the affected person always defines what 
counts as sexual harassment or rape - and will not be questioned. This 
does not imply that the accusation is taken for granted as a fact. The 
confidentially of the affected person should be respected. The 
consequences should be build on according to the following principles.


      When a person talks about/reports an assault committed against her
      or him, or when others confirm that something has happened, the
      work of putting together groups should start as quickly as
      possible. A group can consist of two or more persons. While this
      process is under way, the alleged perpetrator is not welcome to
      the movement’s activities and spaces, or, alternatively, the
      gathering at which the event occurred.


      Set up a group who talk to the affected person. The group should
      contain more than three people and consist of people the affected
      person trusts and is close to, as well as of people being prepared
      to deal with this kind of conflicts. The suggestion is to set up
      local groups and groups in advance of an event who are willing to
      deal with these issues. In every event there should be a visible
      contact point for this.


      Set up a group of people who talk to the alleged perpetrator,
      according to the same principles.


      Hold a general meeting if appropriate, unless the affected person


      The affected person ’s support group and the alleged perpetrator’s
      contact group (and the affected person, if (s)he wants to be
      involved) develop a working plan: Should the alleged perpetrator
      be excluded from the movement/ gathering; will the alleged
      perpetrator be allowed to work in contexts outside of the groups
      where the affected person is involved but inside the movement/
      gathering; should the alleged perpetrator be allowed to rejoin if
      (s)he works with the problem? The point is to create a basis for
      the alleged perpetrator to understand what has happened, and the
      goal is that (s)he should not do it again. During the process, the
      support group stays in contact with the affected person and tells
      her or him about what is happening, and follows up on how (s)he is
      feeling. The goal is to help the affected person to put into words
      what has happened, and strengthen her or his self-confidence.


      The support group and the contact group (and the affected person ,
      if (s)he wants to be involved) decide whether the alleged
      perpetrator is welcome back into the group, or whether the contact
      with him or her has not produced any results.


      First, one principle of this process should be the recognition
      that immediate and final exclusion is not the perfect solution.
      Reintegration and rehabilitation of the alleged perpetrator into
      our spaces should be the goal, although it is sometimes necessary.

Second, remember that few of us actually have the skills necessary to 
counsel for example a rape victim or a rapist. Professional counselling 
may be a very important route to take.

Third, the effect of the violence is not over after the event. The 
contact group should try to stay in touch with the affected person to 
provide support, and should also stay in contact with the alleged 

These steps have first been developed within the Anti-Fascist Action in 
Stockholm/ Sweden, then further discussed during a European wide gender 
seminar at the Escanda collective in Spain, and finally consensed upon 
during the 3^rd European pga conference in Belgrad, Ex-Jugoslavia, 
23.-29. July 2004.

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