[Pga_europe_process] Re: ukraine indymedia?

ana anap at riseup.net
Sat Dec 11 15:21:51 CET 2004


got this email from javier in an indymedia list; i am also involved in 
the new-imc group that helps setting up new sites that want to become 

javier wrote:

>[...] the
>process of setting an indymedia is quite long, as it has to be aproved
>by an international working group
It can be long but not because it needs to be approved by a group - 
approval can take as little as 10-15 days. what takes time is the 
organisation of hte group if it is not already organised, in an open, 
transparent, non-hierarchical (all that) way so it attempts to be a 
reflection of the new society we want to create... blah.
The techi side can be long if the group does not have a techi person, 
since it will have to 'borrow' a techi from the network that may be busy 
with his/her local imc already.

If you have a clear idea that you want to become an imc, and are already 
5 people, get in touch:
new-imc at lists.indymedia.org.

>a possible solution is to ask another site (maybe uk, maybe other site)
>to open a special page for the time being. We did that with Venezuela
>for the elections there. I am not sure if the critical time to get info
>out has already passed after a week
this is definetely a more simple solution esp. in technical terms.

ana. one of indy london, uk

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