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Wed Dec 15 23:00:09 CET 2004


Here I forward you a letter from Magduv from ukrainian part of ru-imc collective, who is against the creating of ukrainian indymedia right now.

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About creating of ukrainian indymedia.

Since the moment of creation of russian indymedia in 2001 there were ukrainian activists taking active part in working on the website. We're working as equals with russian part of the collective (at every event we're taking part we talking about russian and ukrainian parts of collective). In support of this words you may take a look in the center column (features) with news about elections in Ukraine, which were sent by indymedia activists from ukraine; or you can ask Aaron from mutualaid.org collective (ru-imc hosting) about activity of ukrainian part in migration from Active to Dada. Also, we'd like to mention, that ru-imc website was always friendly to postings in ukrainian language.

So, why wasn't ukrainian indymedia created before?
Activist scene in Ukraine is very small and, accordingly, number of non-mainstream events is small too. We don't want to create an empty site for the sake of telling "there is indymedia site in ukraine too". We don't have illusions that after openning of  ukr-imc a community of independent media activists will suddenly appear. On the contrary, there is a threat that ukr-imc could become nazi-dump.

That's why we continue working within the framework of ru-imc. As soon as it would become too tight for two indymedias on one site ukrainian collective would start process of creating of a separate site.


(magduv at gmail.com)

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From: ana <anap at riseup.net>
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2004 14:21:51 +0000
Subject: [Pga_europe_process] Re: ukraine indymedia?
> got this email from javier in an indymedia list; i am also involved in 
> the new-imc group that helps setting up new sites that want to become 
> indymedia.
> javier wrote:
> >[...] the
> >process of setting an indymedia is quite long, as it has to be aproved
> >by an international working group
> >
> It can be long but not because it needs to be approved by a group - 
> approval can take as little as 10-15 days. what takes time is the 
> organisation of hte group if it is not already organised, in an open, 
> transparent, non-hierarchical (all that) way so it attempts to be a 
> reflection of the new society we want to create... blah.
> The techi side can be long if the group does not have a techi person, 
> since it will have to 'borrow' a techi from the network that may be busy 
> with his/her local imc already.
> If you have a clear idea that you want to become an imc, and are already 
> 5 people, get in touch:
> new-imc at lists.indymedia.org.

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