[Pga_europe_process] Proposal re. Belgrade spokescouncil minutes - to be posted up on Jan 7th

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Fri Dec 24 11:12:37 CET 2004

Hi again,

This text will be added to the minutes of the Belgrade spokescouncil 
two weeks from now - ie. on January 7th - assuming that's OK with 

Good luck in 2005,

Dear everyone,

This proposal was agreed at the London PGA meeting of 26.11.04. I 
don't know what the procedure is about changing the minutes - does 
anyone know about that? And are people happy with the suggested 

I can send the minutes of this meeting if anyone wants them sent.


Mark (LARC/London Rising Tide)
'This is a proposal relating to Section 2 ('Relations between PGA and 
other political/activist organisations') of the minutes of the 
spokescouncil held at the end of the PGA conference in Belgrade on 
July 29th 2004. This can be found at

There is a worrying ambiguity to a comment from one of the 'spokes', 
so we would like to propose that the following statement be added 
after this section, (ie. directly after 'Proposal: "That PGA should 
not allow  people to become isolated or excluded in the PGA process 
because they  belong to certain organisations that may be less 
situated within PGA  hallmarks, but put the emphasis on people's 
behaviour within the network  and at conferences. However, people 
from such organisations can only  participate as individuals, will 
not be allowed to promote their organisation  through PGA, and must 
respect the PGA hallmarks when participating in  PGA. Leaders and 
representatives of such organisations are not welcome  in PGA, and 
PGA process meetings are only open to people who agree with  the 
Outcome: Agreed')

Here's the suggested new bit:

'The PGA Hallmarks clearly reject all forms of discrimination, 
including fascism and racism. However, the comment from one of the 
spokes of the meeting that '"In answer to the question about not 
being able to exclude members of fascist organisations, a fascist 
coming as an interested individual, respecting the hallmarks and 
whose behaviour during the conference was fine wouldn't be a problem" 
reads badly, and does not reflect the sentiment of the spokescouncil 
meeting. It could be interpreted wrongly, as it does not reflect the 
context in which it was made, which was to question the possibility 
that such 'openness' could be perceived to include fascists.

We are facing the long-term reality of the rise of racism and fascism 
in the world. This is a reality that needs to be confronted and 
challenged by the PGA network and the groups that are active within 
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