[Pga_europe_process] date of meeting again!

wob marley bohnensack at vegesack.com
Sat Dec 25 02:46:52 CET 2004

as we laid out a few mails before there is still some confusion about the 
date. we've seen that the 12th to the 15th is from saturday to tuesday. now 
this will not fit for some people (so we would guess).
so we need to make clear if the meetin should take place from friday to 
sunday (where thursday would be the arriving date which would be the 10th of 
february) or if it should actually make it from saturday to tuesday (=12th 
to 15th).
we can provide each date but for the homepage it should be made clear quite 
quickly because it will go online on the next days. 

10-13th of february (=thursday to sunday) 


12-15th (saturday to tuesday)

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