[Pga_europe_process] Tuebingen: no PGA meeting

infoladen-tuebingen at gmx.de infoladen-tuebingen at gmx.de
Mon Feb 28 17:40:58 CET 2005

Hallo everybody,

the dissent!-G8-meeting in Tuebingen this weekend (with around 100 persons
from kanada to russia) has been interesting and successfull, you will read
more about it in the next days.

but the planed PGA-meeting was cancelled, as there were only 5 people and
they were very tired...

yet, thanx for the reports from linz, it is good for everybody on this list
to have them.

a short personal remark:
at least for the summit-protests, pga still is an important factor as
"non-organisation": the ideas behind PGA (the hallmarks, the forms of
organizing, ... ) are used by groups and persons who do not see themselves
directly connected to the pga-network.

still we should find and support projects and networking/exchange in
addition to summit protests and the notes from linz and belgrade are valid
way to look further.

thanx and greetings to all,

one person from the infoladengruppe tuebingen 

Infoladen Tuebingen
Schellingstrasse 6
72072 Tuebingen
Tel.: 0 70 71 / 76 909 (mit Anrufbeantworter)

regelmäßige Öffnungszeiten:
Dienstags, 17:30 bis 19:30 Uhr
sowie bei Veranstaltungen und nach Absprache

jeden 1. Mittwoch im Monat:
mit leckerem Essen ab 19:00 Uhr,
Veranstaltung ab 20:00 Uhr
Hausbar ab 22:00 Uhr


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