[Pga_europe_process] On New Right infiltration in PGA

Aleksei itasitihki at tao.ca
Fri Sep 16 21:12:54 CEST 2005

As message of Laure, which Rata forwarded to pga_europe_discussion
list shows, a person linked with New Right Eurasian movement has
managed to penetrate into PGA network.

I do not go to details of Eurasian ideology here, I am sorry to
link to American nazi site in this list, but link
from Laure's report pretty much sums up what is it about.

One of the people to blame for this infiltration is me. Leonid Savin first
PGA in prior to Dijon meeting. Since nobody was aware of his group,
some people involved with Dijon meeting (which I could not attend myself)
asked me
to check out politics of Leonid. At first, I got concerned about possible
New Right links, because his site contained
"evrazia" in domain name. However, I did not found any hint about Eurasian
from the site, so I supposed similar name was just a coincidence. So I gave
green light
to having Leonid in Dijon (not that I was the final authority, but I was
person around reading Russian at that point so it was pretty much up on me).

Later I got "Anarkh Akbar", anarchist samizdat from Sumy, which was decent
at least.
This blew away my last concerns, since paper had the same contact address as
Leonid's "Eurasia"
NGO. Now it however seems to me, that it was Leonid's brother who was all
the time more
close to anarchist politics, whereas Leonid was attracted to New Right ideas
of Dugin's Eurasian
movement from the beginning. Among theoretical texts, Anarkh Akbar had
introduction to Eurodusnie-collective
and interview of Koekoeroe radio of Leiden, but I do not know if it was
Leonid or his
brother visiting Holland.

I also attended workshop Leonid made in Belgrade, and I got a good
impression of him.
(My account of this workshop is available in

For my defense, and defence of integrity of European PGA I may say that
Leonid has not been
too open about his politics. But now when damage is done, how we may begin
to make it undone.

At first, Leonid's group should be excluded from PGA infopoint list.
Actually, his group
is not anymore in
although it is shown in the map. I would like to know if this exclusion was
deliberate or accidental.

At second, Leonid should be excluded from pga_europe_discussion (where he is
subscribed as
lsavin at mail.ru), and pga_europe_resistance (where he is subscribed as
evrazia at ukr.net). I did not
found apparent addresses of his from process list, globalaction list or pga
conference preparation

I understand that this exclusion from e-mail lists is a symbolical one,
since he may create a new
address and come lurking again, since these lists are open. But I still
think this
exclusion is a necessary step to show that New Right, or any other
authoritarian infiltration
will not be tolerated in PGA. Since Leonid will understand that he is not
welcome to any upcoming
PGA event, he perhaps may find other ways to spend his time than lurking in
PGA e-mail lists.

I am also aware, that any willing group or individual may declare himself as
an PGA infopoint,
and that list in the site is no any authority. I pointed possible problems
resulting from this already
in Leiden where infopoint structure was created, but I was replied that in
case one of the self-declared
infopoints break PGA hallmarks, other groups just stop corresponding with
it. So I see this
as a test if infopoint sctructure is capable of guarding PGA hallmarks or
not - now it is up to
every infopoint to make conclusions and react.

After Belgrade, "West Essex Zapatista" claimed, that discussion in final
plenary proved European
PGA to be completely ignorant with danger of fascist infiltration. I do not
agree with this,
but I agree that most of the Western European PGA activists just gullibly
think that nothing like
this may never happen, and thus it makes no sense to take this into account
when planning
PGA forms of networking - whereas in former Soviet Union nazi, fascist,
red-brown and new
right (as if they differed a lot from each other) infiltration in radical
politics is an everyday business.
I think this is a good opportunity for us to draw necessary lessons.

I attach here short note I wrote about Leonid's new organisation, Eurasian
Union of Youth
to Alter-EE. Despite tough rhetorics, they have yet done nothing that
violent in Moscow except disturbing
two meetings to support Mikhail Khodorkovsky, CEO of Yukos oil, just blowing
horns without
any violence. But at some point they must gain some credibility to justify
tough rhetorics,
as they claim to be tougher than pro-Kremlin Nashi stormtroopers, that has
engaged itself to an escalating cycle of violence
against nazbols and stalinist youth during last 8 months.

Anti-authoritarians in Russia have been pretty much ignorant towards
persecution of Yukos - personally
I think there are hundreds of thousands of people in Russian jails in a more
urgent need of help than
Yukos-defendants, allthough charges against them are apparently bogus. I
also do not have too much sympathy towards so called "orange revolutions"
(If somebody is interested about my opinion, read
http://www.ainfos.ca/04/dec/ainfos00336.html). But I may not justify
disturbing a meeting of liberal opposition to support Khodorkovsky,
or "total war against oranges", on what Dugin (leader of Eurasian movement)
is boasting.
This far anti-authoritarians have been spared from the anti-orange backlash
of political
violence in Russia, but I think it is just a matter of time when it reaches
us. I do not think
Grey Wolves (also involved in Eurasian Youth Movement) are anything you may
dismiss with an easy hand. It may well
be that we will meet Leonid in anti-G8 protests in St. Petersburg next
summer - in
another side of the barricade.

Below first my piece on Eurasian Union of Youth I wrote for Alter-EE, then
message from Laure that
was already in discussion-list which has many links about Savin and
and at last a piece I sent to resistance-list in July about Nashi storm
Site of Eurasian movement has info about "Komando camp" of Eurasian Youth
that took place 24th-28th of August. Mugshot of Leonid is 7th from the
bottom of the page:

Antti Rautiainen


Eurasian Union of Youth

7th of September a number of nationalistic organisations in Moscow
announced about foundation of a common umbrella organisation to
figth against "orange revolutions", that is to be named Eurasian Union of
Official conference to found the organisation will be organised later in
autumn. Organisers accuse another anti-orange organisation,
pro-Kremlin "Nashi" of selling out, tying their hands with alliance with
They announce that they are prepared to a "serious war with oranges".

Co-organisers of Eurasian Union of Youth include Dugin's Eurasian movement,
Korchinskiy from Ukrainian party Brotherhood, who became famous for fighting
in side of the separatists during the first Chechen war with Ukrainian
nationalists from
UNA-UNSO, Fauzil Malikov from Bashkirian Union of Youth "Grey wolves" (yes,
are member organisation of Turkish nationalist terrorist Grey wolves). Also
Tatarian, Mari and
Georgian youth organisations were involved. Alltogether they claim 25 000
people, although
I think this is an inflated statement.

Since Leonid has not written any explanations, it is definitely a time for
him to go
- from both Alter-EE and European PGA.

A number of people have argued supporting movements such as Ukrainian orange
because they "open new possibilities". But whereas gains in Ukraine are
none, in Russia
events have resulted a huge backlash of nationalistic sentiments and
political violence. 26th of
August Nashi storm troopers staged yet another assault against nazbols
outside KPRF offices
in Avtozavodskaya region of Moscow, first time they were using also firearms
besides baseball bats.
4 nazbols were injured, one of them stabbed. Escape car of Nashi was stopped
by police, but a general
from Moscow Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs ordered all Nashi
thugs to be released.
Names of assaulters were published in Russian press.


Laure <cube at zigzag.pl>
To: 	<alter-ee at lists.most.org.pl>

Hello. This is a bit late due to travels but of course we were concerned
about the Euroasian issue. For people who don't know what the fuck it is,
please read about the origins of the New Right, then read about Euroasians.
You can find stuff in any language:(the Eurasian site even has Turkish)

It came to our attention that one of the subscribers was using the e-mail
"evrazia" and, on another list, made some rather questionable remarks
concerning this philosophy, which is clearly linked to the new right. While
we strongly believe in attempting to dialogue with people of different world
views, we were concerned, especially given the open strategy of entrism used
by leading persons in the new right, that information from this list might
be going eventually to these people, and are concerned of the implications
of not taking any stand against this phenomenon.  In the end, it was decided
that the person, Leonid, should be removed from this list. Further, in order
to prevent such mishaps, it was suggested that new subscribers by introduced
in a more public way.

Savin is not only a Euroasianist, but is the "leader" of the Sumi
eurasianists http://evrazia.org.ua/index.php?action=showcat&catid=6

I don't know if we met Leonid in Belgrade at the PGA or if he was there. We
met other Sumi students. Can somebody explain whether or not these people
have contacts?  (hope not)

I think it's another case of what shit the anti-globalist melting pot is. I
decided to google Mr. Savin.
He was at an informal PGA meeting in Dijon in 2003.
Now, the eurasia mailing is the PGA info point for Ukraine.
Of course maybe PGA people are in space, just like we didn't know who got on
alter-ee (now I propose Zaczek should announce new people publically) but I
would think that when they saw the mail published "eurasia", at least
somebody who knows about this would take some actions. But I saw in the
wikipedia that people know about this and mention it specifically.
Perhaps they are satisfied with Leonid's explanations: that there is no such
thing as Russian nationalism and can't be because Russians are a mixed
ethnic group; that Dugin might meet with fascists because he's famous and
meets with everybody; that eurasianism is about ethnic diversity; that
eurasianism has no connection to the New Right. Again, I would suggest some

Also there are some links with him and UNITED.

Savin has collected money for the IMC Ukraine. I will contact friends
off-line about these connections.
I'm really surprised being that the main argument for setting up the current
IMC (Ukraine and Russia) was to take the Russian-language IMC out of the
control of somebody with new right leanings.

(I'm also quite surprised about the fact that, years after dear departed
Alain Kessi promoted anti-left-right synthesis discussions, some people who
he was working with invite eurasian fans into their projects. It looks as if
these discussions were not loud enough.)

Program of the Eurasians.

I've been to the page evrazia.org.ua
Some scary texts and links. For example -
Front page - picture of round table with Dugin, Prokhanov from the
nationalist/anti-semitic paper "Den" and Alain de Benoist.

Speaking of photos, eurasians from Sumi took these:

Leonid Savin.

The stuff I'm finding is pretty funny. For Russian speakers, you can delight
for ages on this page.
Authors include Mr. Savin, Toni Negri, Andrej Grubacic, Noam Chomsky, John
Zerzan and of course Mr. Dugin. (I'm sure no fault of anybody except the
people compiling it.


This is very funny for Russian speakers. (Not related to Savin but to
Dugin - )

About the book Savin published:

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Nashi storm troopers

One of the recent trends in Russian politics is formation of
storm trooper organisation around political parties close to
establishment - any "serious" party must have their muscle.
Football hooligans are the biggest youth subculture, according
to some estimates 30 000 in Moscow only. Discipled and trained,
they are the best recruiting ground for such storm trooper organisations.

Rodina (Motherland) had 50-100 Spartak hooligans in their mayday bloc of
perhaps 200 strong in Moscow. Orthodox Christian fundamentalist youth
who stormed anti-clerical exhibition
in Sakharov centre is connected with the Motherland party.
However leading stormtrooper organisation is the pro-Kremlin Nashi ("Ours"
or "us"),
which dates back to last February when leader of vice-director of
administration Vladislav Surkov met with V. Yakemenko, back then leader of
pro-Kremlin youth organization
Iduschih Vmeste (We walk together), and some other young politicians.
made a decision to found a counter-force against threatening "orange
revolution" in Russia. Founding conference of Nashi took place in
holiday center "Senezh" in Moscow region. This far, biggest action organised
by Nashi was demonstration to commemorate 60th anniversary of the victory
of the second world war 15th of May, to which perhaps 10 000 people
were transported with buses from around Russia (claim of organisers
that number of participators was 60 000 is vastly inflated). According
to Novaya Gazeta, some 600 000 dollars were spent for organisation of this

Key organisers of Nashi's unofficial stormtrooper wing are Aleksey
Mitryuhin from
CSKA firm Gallant Steeds, and Vasiliy "Vasya Killer" Stepanov and
Roman "Roma Kolyuchiy" (Spiked Roma) Verbitskiy from Spartak firm
Gladiators. These are famous
leaders of well-established firms. Alliance of Vasya Killer with Kremlin
seems to be connected with a history in year 2004, when a major
fight between Spartak and Dynamo hooligans near McDonald's of metro
Prospekt Mira got recorded by surveillance cameras. Number of people
were seriously injured during this fight, among them close friend of
Vasya Killer, known with name Lastik (Rubber) in hooligan circles,
who got paralyzed. Although Dynamo fan who hit Lastik with a baseball
bat is known, no charges are pressed against him.

Vasya Killer spent some time underground, but now has become a public face
again. Vasya has been spotted in several events connected
with Nashi, such as in meetings of the organisation with Surkov and
in attacks against headquarters of the National-Bolshevik Party - after
one of the pogroms Vasya even gave an unmasked interview to journalists
trashed headquarters of the NBP. NBP has been attacked in several other
as well, such as St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad. Another target of Nashi
has been stalinist Avant-guard of the Red Youth AKM, AKM activists have been
ambushed when travelling to distribute propaganda to Moscow suburbs, after
a meeting organised by Communist Party of Russian Federation 12th of
when attempting to infiltrate Nashi meeting 15th of May, and even at their
doors few days before mayday. Spartak fans have been used for Kremlin
goals in the wider sense as well, for example some time ago in a football
match with Chelsea in London, a rude banner against Chechen separatist
leader Ahmed Zakaev, who has asylum in UK was raised in Spartak sector
of the terrace.

Vasya Killer is not only football hooligan, who has lately been given an
offer by
power to cooperate or to go down.  Many fellow Spartak hooligans have
had little sympathy with his choice, even some other members of his own firm
have publicly ostracized him.


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